Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Travel Guide to Canada

Painting Nature in the Rocky Mountain
Executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali

canadian rocky mountain

Glance at the April atmosphere in the country with four seasons must have been fun. Remnants of snow off the trees and the leaves begin to melt, even tree seedlings appeared to finish a long sleep during the winter. Flower buds were popping up everywhere. Transition season is what makes most curious tourists from a tropical country with two seasons like in Indonesia.

If you ever travel to China, Japan, and a number of European countries to witness the panoramic beauty of spring, why not an occasional trip to Canada? Do not wince when I hear Canada as a tourist destination. Despite the distance that lies relatively far from Indonesia landscapes in Canada will make you amazed.

One Canadian tourist magnet is the Rocky Mountains. Mountains with fantastic scenery stretches from Canada, across the U.S., to culminate in Mexico.

Rocky Mountains ski resort

In winter, suitable for fans of the Rocky Mountains ski resort. The peak shrouded in white snow and the mountains are beautiful texture like paintings make anyone would be fascinated to see it.


One of the most popular cities in Canada is Vancouver. The city is known as the Multinational city, because not a few Americans and a number of people from Asian countries who live in this city. For example, the descendants of Chinese who came from Hong Kong. So many people from Hong Kong in Vancouver, to the extent that the city is often dubbed Honcouver. Surely it would be a special experience as you explore this city.


Despite the relatively small town, Banff worth a visit. Landscape of snow peaked mountains into the background and a blue lake that stretches near Banff, making this a very beautiful city.
Banff City

Lake Louis

Louis Lake famous for its beautiful and clear blue lake. Although measuring about 1 square km, the scenery at Lake Louis exquisite. Blend between the blue sky, gray-white mountains, verdant trees, and blue lakes make the scene at Lake Louis difficult forgotten.

lake louis

Adventure tours to Canada even as more attractive. For example, if you choose a program from the Canadian Rockies Travel agent. With a trip for 11 days, you can travel to many favorite tourist destinations in Canada, such as Vancouver, Kamloops, Columbia Icefield, Banff, Lake Louis, Yoho National Park, Emerald Lake, Last Spike, and others.

Columbia Icefield
Lake Louis
Yoho Emerald Lake
Yoho National  Park
Last Spike

The best time to visit Canada is during spring, summer and autumn, or about April to early November. In the spring, you'll enjoy the view of plants that sprout on top of the remnants of snow.

In the summer, you can meyaksikan shoots that have been growing and flowering. Meanwhile, the leaves and trees that will be a reddish orange trim in the autumn scenery. Capture natural painting in Canada, and store in an album for good memories.


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