Sunday, July 3, 2011

Around Europe

Around Europe with the Schengen Visa

Executive summary by Darmansjah

I met up with old friends at an event in Japan, and by chance he was often traveling Europe, accompanied by hot coffee we exchanged stories about the state abroad. This initial question, my friend, never implied wanted to europe?
Once I said, and he began to talk about visas to be had if wanted to europe, this was a story my friend.

we start with the visa. confused with what visa if you want to tour europe? Visa can access to 15 European countries called Schengen visa.
Countries that can visit are:


- Germany-

- Denmark-
- Finland-
- France-
- Greece-
- Iceland-

- Italy-
- Luxemburg-
- Norway-

- Portugal-

- Spain-

- Sweden-

- The Netherlands-

Among these countries is very easy to travel by train. But if you want to U.K. must take UK visa. in the UK for traveling between cities there are also tickets BRIT RAIL PASS. tickets can be somewhat expensive but using of 15 days. one day can travel dozens of times, unlimited. and tickets are valid for 2 months. one times good ticket, if a lot of out of town, this ticket once saving in the pocket. Schengen VISA is quite difficult in its handling but it certainly can be, I think it is even more difficult to get a UK visa.

That's a little story from my friend.
Hopefully share some useful well, good luck my friends all see you in europe ... ..

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