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Visiting Nefertiti in Berlin

Visiting Nefertiti in Berlin


Executive Summary By Darmansjah Godjali

ONE woman in the world is the legendary Queen Nefertiti of Egypt. Nefertiti Beauty was immortalized by a sculptor from Amarna and work about 3 .300 year-old is now stored in the Neues Museum (New Museum), Berlin, Germany. Before the large demonstrations broke out in Egypt, the Statue of Nefertiti was asked back by the Egyptian Government.

At dusk today, Nefertiti has become a prima donna. Once a tourist asked how the second floor of the museum building is tortuous, the automated attendant asks, Nefertiti? then show the direction, although on the same floor there are many other collections.

After passing through various collections of extraordinary papyrus, statues of the Egyptian royal figure, a variety of equipment in everyday life, berelief stone tomb (sarcophagus), statue of Nefertiti, renowned figures such as a climactic show.

Nefertiti was placed in a special room with high ceilings and a dome-shaped special lighting. Figure of Nefertiti from the chest to the head was placed in a glass box over three meters tall and the inside temperature is maintained around 21 degrees Celsius. 

Inside the room, three watchdog on guard and visitors are not allowed to take pictures in the room. At this location also about more than thirty visitors some time ago, like enchanted and pensive in front of Nefertiti.

Inside the statue looks beautiful because so symmetrical. The sculptor perpetuated Nefertiti as a humble old woman, and not bothered with a little lower eyelids and cheeks begin to concave. Small fraction in both ears, do not reduce the beauty queen with full lips, large eyes, long neck, and decorated with top hats.

In a statement published in Neues Museum collection is mentioned, the figure of Nefertiti from the limestone was discovered in 1912 in the City Achet-Aton who is now known as Amarna during excavation by archaeologist Ludwig Borchardt under the flag of Germany-Orient-Association. The results of excavation at Amarna and then divided between Egypt and Germany. James Simon touted as the man who finance the excavation at Amarna, and then get the statue. Collection was then bequeathed to the museum in Berlin.

Egypt Attractions

Egyptian civilization is very old and tall is a big attraction. In the early 1900s, archaeologists from Germany is very actively researching and mengeskavasi Egyptian civilization artifacts. Excavation that results in part be a priceless collection of museums in Berlin.

For the visitors the Neues Museum, Berlin, a collection of Egyptian artifacts including a list that should be visited. About 4,000 people a day visit to the Neues Museum admission ticket per person 10 Euros.

Greg (32) a tourist from America, for example, include a visit to the museum's list of priorities. Greg stayed for four days in Berlin. "I'm a fan of Egyptian culture is completely different from my culture," says Greg.

For Cristian (28), resident of Stuttgart, Germany, Egypt collections are also included in the list must be visited. Moreover with such a matchless collection of Nefertiti statue. "I wonder what kind of beautiful. It's beautiful. However, if arguably the most beautiful woman in the world, whether it is," he said.
Queen Nefertiti was not the only statues of beautiful women who contested in history.

Arca Pradnyaparamitha or better known as the statue of Ken Dedes, had been a bone of contention between the government of Indonesia and the Netherlands. Pradnyaparamitha is Akuwu Tumapel wife stumps Ametung who then seized the King Singasari Ken Arok.

Statue of beautiful topless woman was discovered sometime in the 1820s and was stored at the Museum of Leiden, The Netherlands. The statue was returned to Indonesia in 1978 and is now stored at the National Museum Jakarta. (Indira Permanasari, Reputable Newspaper journalist participants Nahauf nahme-Exchange Programs Journalists, Goethe Institut)

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