Saturday, July 2, 2011

Each season with its own charm

Executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali

For those countries that experienced four seasons, always feel every season has its own charm. Each resident has their own rhythm to enjoy the season.

 falls in Boston

In the fall, looks like people walking in the trees without leaves. They love to take pictures there or joking in the area of large trees, which leaves only a stump and branches. In Boston, for example, a tree without leaves this region has become a place of learning that's fun. The students sit on the sidewalk to read a book or discussing various things. There was no impression they disturbed by the presence of trees without leaves.

There does not appear prankster cut trees are left leaves it. Does not look all residents set up camp for a nap in there. What about immigrants in his country there is no autumn? Initially, it seemed strange to see almost all the bare trees total. However, if attention is better, fun. The tree line that has its own charm. Looks artistic and exotic with the curves and strokes are in the trunk of the tree.

 Washington DC

In winter, a different story. Bare trees with his form was still unique. That is not only cold comfort that often "outrageous". When to Washington DC last month, I was quite tormented by temperatures that reached minus eleven degrees Celsius. Fortunately, after two days, the body is used to adjust. I was pacing in the leafless trees, when the snow stops flushed earth. If trees could talk, maybe they'll shout, 'I was quite handsome but without the leaf. "

The atmosphere felt in the other Scandinavian countries. In Finland, for example, people generally used to enjoy the fierce winter. If winter comes with a roar that shook the soul, the air temperature can be between minus 30 degrees Celsius to minus 50 degrees Celsius. Agra is used in the tropical season will be tortured again. The cold should not Ask, it's wearing winter clothes and jackets up to six layers are still not enough. Cars parked in the yard, within an hour it was transformed into a pile of clean white ice.

In Finland

However, despite the very cold this stabbing cover the city, residents remain active. They can shop, entered the office, skiing, playing soccer in a stony sea ice. Mainland was originally the sea. In the winter, for instance in Helsinki, sea water was frozen, hard not to play. Some residents, take advantage of this crazy winter with a hole in the frozen sea. They are easy to catch fish in the hole. Clot new ice usually melts in April.

in Helsinki

Winter in the country which is very close to this pole is much longer than in some other countries in Europe. But, as written at the beginning of this paper, each season it has its own charm. In the winter even permanent residents can enjoy it, while laughing.

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