Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tale Castle District in Northern France

executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali

Sights that one is very unique and is rarely visited by tourists from Indonesia. Because of this uniqueness, then Traveler  taking the time to visit to Northern France, precisely in the area of ​​Normandy, after witnessing the beauty of one of this international cultural heritage. You can enjoy the trip reports in several series of articles below. Please enjoy.
Quite a while ago I heard about the beauty of Le Mont-Saint-Michel is situated off the north coast area of ​​Normandie, France; but over the years too, the desire to visit the place was never accomplished.
A friend of mine who happens to the original French and often travel to Bali, trying to give a picture of Le Mont through a variety of picture postcard he sent to me. From the picture on the postcard, I can already imagine how beautiful the area of ​​the former monastery (monastery) located far flung in the middle of the sea. That's what intrigued me to set foot on the 'island of the castle' is.

"It's like Tanah Lot Temple in Bali, Le Mont was also built in a secluded island in the middle of the sea. 

However, its size is much bigger than Tanah Lot, "so my friend's comments.

When at the end of May and then I got an invitation to travel to Europe for two weeks, then I do not forget to include a visit to Le Mont in my agenda.

Almost every year I always had the opportunity to Western Europe and Eastern Europe, but there was never any chance at all to go to Le Mont. This time, my desire was to materialize, so my resolve before departure.

From Paris, the city became home-base I was on a visit to Europe this time, the journey to Le Mont take quite long. I had to leave early in order to arrive at Le Mont before lunch arrived. Road trip for 5 to 6 hours is the 'price paid' for by visits to places included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979.

According to Paul Van Eden, Belgian bus driver who drove the bus I was riding at that time, there are independent reasons why the trip to Le Mont be done early in the morning. One is because this area becomes one of the main tourist destination in France. Lots of groups of foreign tourists who have the same intentions with me, and their average starting perjalananannya from Paris. The second reason is, when it will travel into rural areas in the Normandie region, will be hard to find a resort which can usually be easily found in almost all toll roads in Europe. For information, a resort on the toll roads in Europe usually have a very complete facilities where there are gas stations, restaurants, souvenir shops and cafes that are useful for those users a way to unwind while filling the stomach. I therefore feel 'nervous' because by the time he left me no time to eat breakfast (because it woke up late) and also unfortunately, I do not carry any provision for 'snacking' on the go.

Fortunately, a trip along the rural areas in the Normandy region make the time go faster, so that even in the belly I've heard the sounds of 'various musical instruments orchestra', at least the eyes are still satisfied. The atmosphere of peace and calm through the mountainous desert really contrasts with the frenzied atmosphere of Paris and frenetic.

When the bus finally pass through the coastal areas are used by many local people as a place to raise wheat because the soil texture is 'flat', I saw far away, behind a thick fog led to the open sea, a small coral island shadow standing 'alone' . The closer, the more visible too, that the above coral island stands a building with a tower patterned triangle soared into the sky. Looks majestic and mysterious.

Le Mont Saint Michel is included in the visited tourist destinations in the route is written in serial saving travel in europe. Please get a guide and full instructions, here

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  1. Amazing post! I loved the pictures of famous places to visit in France. I recently got my France Schengen visa and will be visiting there with my cousins. I hope to have a great time and relish some delicious dishes from French cuisine.