Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kerst Vakantie in Belgie

Text by Nabila Nandini executive summary by Darmansjah

Make filling the Christmas holidays and New Year yesterday me and friends - friends who exchange student program again in Belgium to do a trip of small - scale to Namur, Brussels, Ghent and Antwerp. Country of chocolate Magnum ice cream offers many beautiful and interesting objects for the visit. Although there were still winter and very cold but we kept the spirit of fun day trips around Belgium:

Here are some places that we visited and also I recommend you visit if one day you'll come to Belgium, veel plezier te lesen!

Namur. In the Namur Citadel or there is the Castle of Namur who stood on top of a hill and surrounded by the River Sambre and Mause, the view from here is very beautiful. Citadel is an object that must be re Belgium.

• For shopping lovers to come is in January, in this month almost all brands of clothes, shoes, housewares, bookstores, watches, jewelry, everything will be discounted by 70%, even more, because they will soon replace the collection for next season . Please try shopping in Namur, Brussels, and certainly in the Belgium city of Antwerp's fashion.

Brussels! As the Central Of Europe, Belgium is the nation's capital offers a lot of interesting objects:

Atomium, a monument Eiffel van Belgié crystalline iron at 165 billion times larger. Capital of € 8 we can go and see - see into the Atomium, in one of the buildings also have a restaurant atom. With the blue neon light emanating from the nucleus of each atom, Atomium looks spectacular at night.

Grand Place, which is the central square of Brussels and was selected as the most beautiful square in Europe. here there is a "King's House", which has been in the fox into stad Museum, right across from there "Brussels Town Hall" is nuanced Gothic-style building the 14th century with a tower as high as 96 m and a statue of St.. Michael is at its peak. Other buildings around it called a "Guild House", some of which now is a coffee shop or brown.

Museum van Cacao en Chocolade aka Chocolate Museum. Located in the Ru de la Tete d'Or, which is 1 of 7 road towards the Grand Place. In this museum we will be given 20 minutes to down the floor 2, which describes in detail about the history of chocolate, chocolate-making process, various knick knacks made of chocolate and all about chocolate! Later on proceed with demonstration by a chef chocolate maker, in this session we miss tasting chocolate-covered spekulos that created the chef!

Mannekin Pis. Located at the corner of Rue de l'Étuve and Rue du Chene is still near the Grand Place. Maybe you will want to see it as soon as possible get to Belgium, but after seeing it directly you may be slightly disappointed because the famous statue in the world until a half feet high baseball! I was stunned the first clay, anyway huh? But still wrote obligatory photos - photos. Do not forget.

Greslei and Koornlei is the area most beautiful city in Gent. Along the river that divides this city of flourishing shops and tiny cafes with old buildings nan classic European style. Spijker is the oldest house in the row 'guild house' are lined up neatly on the banks of the beautiful river.

Castle of Geraard the Devil, is located right on the edge of the river and provides excellent reflection pretty when the lights - the lights came on at dusk. This castle is one of the buildings that berekonstruksi pertaman stone. Legend tells that in this castle lived a man named Geraard that 5 times previously married to kill his wife before marrying again. Devil!

Antwerp, Central Station of Antwerp was always well known as Cathedral in Station because the beauty of his station building. Right across from Central Station there Diamant Museum which consists of 3 floors, here you will find all the knowledge about diamonds, and then just walk 2 blocks and you will arrive at the Diamant Markt which sells various types of jewelry and of course the famous Antwerp diamonds as diamonds The best quality in the world.

So are some interesting objects that we go to extraordinary, of course there are many more objects that are beautiful all over Belgium. So I'm sharing this time, thank you've read, Tot Zo!

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