Saturday, July 9, 2011

Enjoying A Balinese Dance In Place Originates

Executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali

Bali without dance? It seemed he was no longer a feeling of Bali. Dance has become a tradition, ingrained and has a high cultural value for society bali. No wonder almost all the maestro of the art world has ever stopped, including European artists of the caliber of Walter Spies painting always want to go back to Bali.

Enjoying the dance of Bali where she came from quite different.Aura of "the great and mystical" will be much more pronounced. It is not difficult to find a place to dance performances in the island of the gods, because in many tourist places many dance performances held. Ubud and the surrounding area is one that is often the destination of the tourists who want to enjoy the dance. While hunting paintings in galleries along the street in Ubud, travelers can leave time to watch traditional Balinese dances such as Barong or Legong.

Where we can enjoy Balinese dance is thick? Do not worry, when you walk in crowded places in Ubud, there are usually one or two people who offer performances of dance tickets. Of course the performances they offer location not far from Ubud.Ticket prices dance performances in Bali on average Usd 5. The official price is the price at the counter where the show.

For those who like dance-dance-style attractive, Kecak fire dance worthy choice. Kecak fire dance did not use the instrument, But the "choir" of dozens of men with magical memorable rhythmic shouts, giving the impression of depth, even though the audience is not a fan of dance. This dance is one of many found in the area Batubulan, not far from Denpasar.

Most dance performances in Bali starting at seven in the evening, so if we stay somewhere else and intend to watch dance in Ubud, we should plan it in advance, to fit the schedule.

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