Sunday, July 17, 2011

Would You Like Travel? Check out Travel Info on iPad

executive summary by darmansjah godjali
The iPad owners increasingly pampered with free applications that provide information of foreign travel.

If you love to travel and need information about tourism in the country of destination, find a free app on the App Store, the keyword search for travel.

Indeed, some applications are not free, but also many new applications that do not have to pay. You just get it through the App Store.

After that, you just choose whether you want to find travel information on Italy, Hong Kong, France, Ireland, Britain or the United States.

Is quite comprehensive travel information. Info divided into four sections, namely Must See, Country Info, Map, and Near By. In addition, there are weather, currency, and time.

In a Must See there any information about the attractions that must be visited by tourists, complete with photos, brief description, and maps showing the location of the place, also the distance from the iPad users are located. This is possible because the application is equipped with GPS, which tells where the location of IPAD owners at that time. It's located on the Map.

Country Info In part there is a brief history of the state information, travel tips, cities worth a visit, when the right time to travel to the country, weather, health, info about passports and visas, currency, and some sentences are commonly spoken, such as "Good morning", "Good afternoon", "Good evening", "Howdy", "I'm hungry", and "I thirst".

In the Near By there is info about nearby hotels, WiFi locations in the city being visited or will visit, museums, tourist centers, and others. This info complete with telephone numbers and the distance of miles from where IPAD users are located.

According TravelerGuidance.Blogspot.Com records, applications for free on this tour the new information released on January 12 and January 14, 2011 this. Well, if you are the owner of the iPad, do not forget to download these free applications to your iPad.


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