Monday, July 11, 2011

Borneo Enchantment Equatorial Anomaly On the Landak River

Waterfalls Banangar
Text by A Handoko, executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali

School holiday season fast approaching. Already have an agenda recreation with your children? West Kalimantan Province offers nuances of exotic natural attractions. Behind the heating effect equator, West Kalimantan, apparently presenting a natural coolness through the waterfall Banangar. So, after visiting Pontianak or Singkawang, go for a cure at ‘Landak”.

Waterfalls Banangar in District Serimbu, Landak District, is one place on earth equator that can make us break away from routine fatigue. It is located in the upper “Landak” River, about 290 kilometers northeast of Pontianak, the provincial capital of West Kalimantan (Kalbar).

Banangar province is an anomaly for the full bend of this river. The general atmosphere Kalbar weather that has been known heat was not felt in the area of ​​height of 700 meters from sea level.

Banangar waterfall, or who is often also called “mananggar”, as high as 48 meters to sing a beautiful natural charm. This place is suitable for tourists who love adventure. Unfortunately, this waterfall is not packaged as tourist attractions by public or private. However, any holiday or long holiday weekends, dozens of buses and tourist vehicles to flow here.

Access to basic dive water is still very difficult. Road closed path shrubs so that tourists prefer to enjoy the charm of the upper waterfall. Exotic stinking like a diamond hidden in the depths of the soil.

 A litte effort and patience necessary to enjoy its beauty. At the very least, visitors are challenged through the long and winding journey. To reach vicinity “Banangar” takes six to seven hour drive from Pontianak to Serimbu, the capital of the Great Water District.

From Serimbu, there are two choices of transportation modes, namely the boat which the rent idr 500,000, - go-back to the last rapids before the Waterfall Banangar. Latency of about three hours.

The second option is a motorbike taxis, with a cost of Idr 100,000 to go back to the village ‘tauk’, ‘Engkangin’ Village. From “Engkangin”, we still have to use boats to rent between Idr.200.000 and Idr.300.000, depending on the agreement with the owner of the boat. From tauk, take boating upstream to the last rapids before the falls Banangar 1.5 hours.

Travelers who had been in Serimbu early if lucky still can ride a boat transporters staple in the upstream direction, so only need to prepare a cost not to Idr 100.000 per person.

During the boating trip, tourists are treated to views of nature in the form
Natural forest on the left and right river. The eyes will be spoiled by a typical riverside jungle vegetation, such as “bingkirai” and “salam”.


Swarm towering mountain in the east of the Porcupine in “Engkangin” helped add to the exotic outback of this West Kalimantan. Occasionally still be seen the birds endemic West Kalimantan crossing over a river. Do not forget to mingle with  long tail monkey. However, do not be too surprised if the lizard emerged from between the tree roots.

From the last rapids before the falls Banangar, adventure begins. Once bail out the boat, visitors will be welcomed by nature trails of rocks and roots of large trees. After a 15 minute walk along the riverbanks, we will be treated by a cave that seepage water through the roots of a tree that stuck to the bottom. The water is very clear. Travelers usually stretch out face to drink water that falls directly or simply wash your face.

From this cave climbing trip was waiting. The road was so steep stairs to the cliff which is perpendicular to the ground.

Occasionally we will be preceded by some village communities in the headwaters ‘Landak”( hedgehog) carrying a variety of basic needs in a way carried. The rural population was shopping at “Serimbu” and forced to carry all the staples through the steep streets of the same to the waterfall Banangar.

After nearly an hour to walk from where the boat was moored, waterfalls Banangar waiting in front of the eye. Fatigue, thirst, and stiff as if paid for by the charm of the waterfall. 48 meter high waterfall with a width of about 50 feet roaring and menghaslikan bubbles of water floating.

The air around the waterfall is very cool. If you come early to the waterfall, we could even see the mist come down from the surrounding mountains. “landak” River upstream that housed hundreds of families are usually shrouded in mist, was a typical beautiful forest scenery.

Waterfalls Banangar not the only charm in the headwaters of the “Landak”. Residents are fed up with noisy and hectic urban settlements can stay on the outskirts of the quiet headwaters of the porcupine.

One village that can be selected was “Kampung tauk”. As the house is a traditional house of Dayak wooden house on stilts. Generally houses are also not yet electrified. Electric lighting only owned a few houses have generators sets.

Tourists can also enjoy typical food menu countryside, paddy rice from the mountain, and a side dish of fish caught in rivers. Vegetable garden  can also be obtained from the population.

All parties need to realize that tourism development necessitates affordability, convenience, and security.

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