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Garden Tours In The UK ....lets go!

Text by Duomalins executive summary by Darmansjah

My brain is full, because it is filled with theories and formulas that curly-curly, and meticulous again, and it has lasted for one week. Should I take a break, and this time I plan to visit the place of the green-grass so that the brain so fresh. For that, I wish to visit the park in the city where I live now. Park or garden is one of the attractive tourist destination in the UK. Almost every city we visit there must be a garden. The gardens are beautiful and fascinating attraction is one of the tourists when going to visit a city, so that almost all cities in the UK are competing to set up his first for seemingly neat and fascinating. Especially in the spring and summer, the gardens overgrown with flowers of various colors so that the family was transformed into an attractive tourist place, because the city park not only serves as the lungs of the city, it can also function as a low-cost family recreation and fun.

I am very lucky to live in the city of Sheffield, where a lot of his garden. Although almost every housing complex is his first, here filled with places where games for kids. So that the needs of the children to play in the wild facilitated well, because their daily lives in the flat and appartemen, where limited space to play, so who meet again, you again, and you again, are you so bored, because it was so small and flat such appartemen.

Well ... now I was ready to depart, with a knapsack on his back and of course one camera in hand, for those who want to go, Follow me from behind yeah ...!.

*Peace Garden, with the background of the Town Hall with a Gothic-style architecture
 *Peace Garden, with a carnival event

First, we will visit the Peace Garden, which is located middle of a city with an area of 0.67 hectares. Adjacent to the office of Sheffield Town Hall (town hall office) gothic-style architecture. Equipped with the fountain in the garden amid the background by the office of city hall. Garden is often used as a photo session out married at city hall office. So on certain days we will find a new bride here. Because of its location close to downtown, then in summer this garden will be invaded by the public for sunbathing. And of course on certain days the park was used for activity-specific activity of, as in the photo below, where there is a carnival event organized by elementary school students.

*Winter Garden adjacent to a hotel

*The atmosphere inside the Winter Garden

Not far from this garden of peace, can we meet the winter garden. Winter garden located in a large greenhouse. Greenhouse which is among the largest ever built in the UK. With a display of 70 meters and 22 meters high. Here in the collection of about 2,500 plants from around the world. And tropical plants that are here will live throughout the year because it is located in the greenhouse temperature was regulated in such a way. In addition to the winter garden is this, can we find cafes, hotels and Millennium gallery. In the Millennium Galleries will we encounter objects of art, crafts and design, to enter free of charge or free.

*Weston Park, when the spring

*Weston Park with a museum background
*Weston Park, With the background of a tennis court

Weston Park

Weston Park is adjacent to Sheffield University. So the park is frequently used by students for outdoor activities that nature. In this park there are also tennis courts, so the park is synonymous with a place for air sports activities like jogging and activity of other minor sports, especially in the afternoon. In this park there is a museum, here we can learn the history of the city of Sheffield. To enter this museum are free.

This park is also often used as a wedding, where the pronunciation of lively-and-passaway promise made in the open and of course the show will be solemn as witnessed by the chirping of the birds and the squirrels jumping from one branch to another branch. Wow .. very romantic and will be unfogetable experience yeah.
*The gate, Botanical Garden

*Botanical Garden, with its glass house

Botanical Garden

Botanical garden was opened in 1836, with an area of 19 hectares. With a collection of plants from around the world, from Asia, America and the Mediterranean. Inside the Botanical Garden complex is in addition there is aspacious garden ,there is also a greenhouse ( glassPaviliuns ),gift shop and cafe . In this greenhouse cultivated plants from around the world, here we can see a typical plant of Asia, so we feel they are in the tropics, so that could be remedied homesick a little.

*The chairs in the garden is the contribution of donor
*Tulip flowers with different colors

Apparently the city government is very concerned about the environment that is beautiful, and this park will help the residents of the city, which can be a place of family recreation cheap and can also be used where the wedding feast. In general, this park is open from 8am to 5pm. Especially for the Peace Garden is open for 24 hours. Fortunately this park yes, because many donors who graciously volunteered to donate money to the beauty of the park, so the park is always beautiful throughout the year.

*well-ordered and harmonious

Since time has begun in the afternoon, and the legs are tired, Enough for this time I used our trip in a tourist park this time, although there are very many other parks around here. Incidentally the park that we visit this time its location adjacent and can be reached by foot. Kompasioner know, I am not a student, so I travel without spending any money at all. Now I want to learn anymore, because the brain is fresh and ready to be in charge again. I learned first ya ... bye.

*One of the collections in the greenhouses at the Botanical garden

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