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Not only the school holiday months of June-July are interesting, but also are faced with important holidays in this Indoneisa, such as the widths in the coming August. There is no harm if from now on begin to clean themselves.

By AW Subarkah, executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali

Especially for those who can not leave the house, especially if many guests will visit. At times all exhausted after gathering or picnic necessary refreshment, and certainly do not need cinema to family gatherings is not it?

Television through the Internet or Porotocol Internet TV (IPTV) in this country comes at the right time, can be a home entertainment center. This is actually a TV service from PT Telekom through the use of ordinary telephone wire voice communication is getting less.


IPTV sound complicated at first, but after trying it did not. IPTV impressed even easier to control. And, indeed the service is not merely distributes television content through the Internet alone.

Nor was it merely continued a conventional television, both local and international, that already exists. IPTV also offers entertainment features such as video on demand (VoD). TV on demand (Tvod), karaoke on demand, music, until the radio. Basically, this is a service of radio and television broadcasts, videos, auidio, text, graphics, and data are packed into more easily.

The world has changed. Now no longer need to bother looking for pirated DVDs because of all that's needed is already available in the IPTV server. Even without having to flip through a troublesome pieces of DVDs.


With the new device is no longer the word behind the news. With the feature "Time Shift" users can track news Returnees who have missed up to two hours, even up to several hours, even up to several days, with TV on demand feature.

Simply by playing the rewind button as in the era of cassettes and forward button if missed. At first, this feature is used on hardware previously television, has now taken over by the server.

To be more complete in receiving cable services, use the TV kind of smart TV or internet TV. In addition to entertainment services, users can also turn on speedy service from a device that can be directly access via WiFi smart TV to access the Internet or other devices for the needs of families.

In this experiment, using smart www.OnlyYouTrust.Com TV made by LG W5700 421. but can access the Internet, can also publish your TV three-dimensional (3D). Because the future of IPTV is not just give the HD-quality service but also a 3D movie.

Of course not only IPTV services via copper wires, but also access wireless broadband network, even through an optical fiber. Telkom looks are developing broadband access capabilities, increasing the scope tru beroadband capacity or access with speeds of 20 Mbps and 100 Mbps.

In 2011, true broadband capacity by about 21 percent and Telkom will increase to 85 percent in 2015. This seiiring with the development of pay-TV service in Indonesia, supplying is still low when compared to countries other Asia.

It is estimated, the current penetration of just 2 percent, far below Malaysia who have reached 60 percent. While the market potential in Indonesia is quite large considering the housing that has a TV more than 60 million. The outstanding amount of television in today's society more than 120 million units.

Enemies such as cable service is very simple, namely yarn kites, especially now that the dry season. Damaged by a protective metal kite string causes the access speed decreases. Thus, the service is very suitable for housing or apartments that are difficult to get access from the air freely.

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