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Beautiful in Rain or Shine
Original Text by Inne R Hardjanto, executive summary by Darmansjah

What's most interesting city when you visit Norway? I think the most appropriate answer is Bregen. Although not as wide as Oslo, the capital of Norway, Bergen's appeal actually exceed Oslo. The city is the cultural center of Norway as well as having a leading university where many students from Indonesia studying.

Bergen is the gateway into the charm of southern Norway is known for its natural beauty. Although it often rains for days, Although it often rains for days, just such weather that ensure the city remains fresh air, green and full of flowers. Similarly, when I visited Bergen, rain accompanied us there, but does not diminish its beauty. Sunlight then arises after the rain, refracted in the sky a beautiful blend in with colorful dereta beautiful wooden houses.

Although the overall area of ​​Bergen consists of several small islands and the peninsula, but the center of town itself was small and can be traced on foot. In downtown we can find a row of beautiful wooden houses are included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. In addition it also has Torget Bergen, one of the most famous fish market in the world.

Torget Bergen

Bergen is a fusion of cultures and natural history of Norway with a choice of tours that can be tailored to the preferences of the tourists. You who prefer a cultural tour to visit the theater, art galleries, demikan also with a variety of festivals that are often held in the city center. For history, Bergen also has several museums that hold many records and relics of the past history of this city. For those who like adventure and enjoy the natural beauty of Bergen and the surrounding area has a natural charm Segal you're looking for.


The main places to visit include Bryggen, the oldest part of the city of Bergen. Bryggen including as a tourist attraction in the list of UNESCO World Heritage with a row of houses typical old Norwegian architecture. This reflects the Bergen region as an important trading town during the 15th and 16th centuries AD. Rangkainan colorful wooden houses are located right in the center city became the main attraction. There are many nearby restaurants, shops that sell various items including souvenir trinkets to tourists as well as centers of local craft items.

Mount Floyen View

If you want to see the city of Bergen from another point of view as a whole plus the beautiful scenery around the city, then a Floibanen can bring you to a vantage point to see the city as a whole. Floibanen is a  cable car that has such a special route from the city center of Bergen to Mount Floyen that can be achieved within a short yagn. Closest to the train station are located in downtown near the fish market. From the top of the mountain, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding the city of Bergen and spectacular yan. Cable car operates from morning till night as facilities for tourists.

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