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Celestial Panorama Of The Island Brehat

executive summary by darmansjah

Bretagne! Since the first live in France, the name of this area often come to my ears. But until nine years as a resident here in name only that resonated. Brittany was always cold in there every day rain continues, even as summer is still raining. If you want to see the pale skin like paint the walls white so just go to Bretagne. Let me also sunbathe on the beach all day sun Bretagne too soft for the skin.

Speech is always a matter for ridicule for people Bretagne, because the weather there is the famous frozen when the winter and cool when the summer. Words real summer arguably is not too applicable, not like in my city of Montpellier a day sunbathing on the beach results are guaranteed to burn our skin.

The comparison like this, on a summer morning in Montpellier and the surrounding air temperature of about 23 to 27 degrees and move up to 40 degrees, while in Bretagne temperatures usually 27-30 degrees in the daytime maximum temperature. So you can imagine the drastic changes that we experienced while still in a state.

After spending two nights in the city of Blois then we went on our holiday to Brittany, a region that has been only a desire at last we intend to achieve. Realize the right word for us, because of the town we lived in Southern France, Bretagne to take up to 10 hours journey by road. We therefore cut the overnight stay in the city of Blois.

Exactly as depicted people, drizzling rain greeted us coming! And cool! That night we slept with a thick blanket, in contrast to the custom in southern France in the summer, let alone a blanket, wear clothes to bed already make hot!

In the morning, fresh air greeted us for breakfast at the villa where we stayed in town Pordic. Pordic city in Cote d'Armor region in the south of Bretagne. And the goal that day was Brehat Ile (Island Brehat). Small islands in the view of people as a coral island with stunning flowers, a picture of heaven for nature admirers.

How to Brehat Island? Only one way to cross by ships. This flower island prohibit motorized vehicles. Surely the reader confused, and how their daily activities? Yes, by foot, bicycle or use animal power as a transporter. Primitive? Absolutely not! The island is very modern and even tourists who come no one complains, with joy they reveal the beauty of the island on foot for hours.

Only a special tractor as porters of such building materials are allowed on this beautiful island. That, too, have a special permit, for example for the construction of a shelter or something. So you can imagine how beautiful this island is free from pollution, not only the magnificent scenery but the air is too clean!

After more or less than 15 minutes to cross by boat, we arrived on the island of Brehat. We deliberately set out early morning to spend all day there. The island consists of two islands, surrounded by 96 smaller islands, if you ask me exactly a giant coral reef. Brehat island has an area of ​​318 hectares with a gentle air temperature, not too cold nor too hot. For us the ideal temperature for a walk.

Since in this island, motor vehicles are prohibited then, several stalls offering lots of bike rental to tourists to small carts transporting goods.

At first we were confused, why does hire a cart? It turned out to visitors who have enough stuff, especially for those who will spend the night is not easy carrying a suitcase or bag picnic to the destination. Some even put their kids in the wagon! Very funny it becomes. But we prefer to enjoy the island dubbed as the Flower Island is on foot.

Brehat name means hill battle, earning the nickname like this due to the influx of the nation's current battle in the 10th century Normand.

Really like what is written, the island outside of time (as the French call it) looks so colorful colored by flowers. In fact, every house we passed was decorated by various types of flowers. Gentle climate was suitable for plant growth here, because even though winter weather according to locals is not too frozen. Perhaps due to the temperature of the Atlantic Ocean.

Exactly the day, we are seeking the right for a picnic. Here are many choices, want to picnic on the grass or off the coast. We chose a picnic on the giant rock! One thing that catches the eye in the Bretagne is, the invisibility of the tides change so quickly with the salient differences.

As we climbed the rocks for a picnic for example, the rock was a few meters from the beach, but because it was low tide we could walk up to ride. When we go home now where we picnic was half submerged in seawater.

God created the heaven on earth no matter how small. As we enjoy the fine afternoon on the rocks, the scenery when it is a blue ocean with fishing boats anchored, so calm the soul and the human eye.

Continue our walk. This time it reaches the end of the island of Brehat, to see the famous and well mercuasuar rocks skyline. Bazile, our youngest son just turned 2 years old, but a walk while accompanied by a colorful landscape make it not become weary. Though we walk about 8 km.

On arriving at the end of the island, we were greeted by the vast stretches of the Atlantic Ocean. Giant rocks imbedded in the ocean water is like kissing the clouds looming. Masterpiece of God, the natural form is dedicated for His people. Expressed his admiration for all that comes with its own way.

There are said spontaneously, "Wwow! Fabulous!" or "This is one of the wonders of nature!". I myself had choked my throat to see how God presents his greatness to man through nature.

Endless ocean, rock solid stuck, boats sailing on blue water. Everything is like a picture in the postcard, so beautiful is breathtaking. Right turns Brehat Island is an island beyond the reach of time with a heavenly view ...

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