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Beautiful Gardens For Public

executive summary by Darmansjah
It turned out to create a pretty garden flowers or do not have to rely on expensive or rare plants. The flowers and unusual plants are easy to maintain is also capable of displaying a charming garden. It is important in making the park is convenient and enjoyable visit anyone, so when out of the park's mind was refreshed and the mind calm again.

In Iran, there are many recreational parks as the place to its citizens. In the garden they met and talked with friends, picnic with family, playing with children, to exercise. Many parks are made between residential and office buildings. As a result, the parks are always crowded by those picnics or just passing by.

In Tehran alone, there are at least 10 parks, namely Chitgar Park, Gheytarieh Park, Jahan-e Kudak Park, Jamshidieh Park, Laleh Park, Mellat Park, Niavaran Park, Park-e Shahr, Saei Park, and Shatranj Park. Everything is always crowded, especially on Thursday which is a working day in Iran. In that country, a national holiday is on Friday, not Sunday. So, Thursday-Friday in Iran is the weekend, the same as Saturday-Sunday in Indonesia.

While in Isfahan there are two public parks of the famous, the Flower Garden and Bird Garden. Although there are only two, actually Isfahan is a city that has many parks. They create a park along the banks of the river, the green line, the market, the palace courtyard, until in the hotel.

Isfahan is Isfahan, central Iran about 430 kilometers south of Tehran is a beautiful city. In the past, nicknamed Nesf Isfahan-e-Jahan, which means half of the World. Isfahan had been the capital of Iran in 1598 and 1722. When the population of Isfahan half of the world's population. Isfahan was once one of the largest cities in the world.

The city had 163 mosques, 48 ​​schools, 1801 shops and 263 public bathroom. Plus many parks and libraries. Richness and beauty of the stunning city of the Europeans because when it's cities on the Continent there is nothing as grand as Isfahan. That's why if you want to see the whole world, half to be seen in this world is in Isfahan, the capital city of Iran which is still called Persia.

Persian Style

The Persians during the Achaemenid dynasty got the idea of ​​creating a heaven on earth as it is told in a variety of classic works of literature and take samples from other cultures such as Greek culture.It is worth noting, in the English word paradise means heaven, derived from Persian. Avesta in the language of the ancient language that is used for books in Persian Zoroasterianisme, pairidaeza paradeisoi translated into Greek. In Latin the Paradisus and from there spread to other languages ​​in Europe. French call it paradis, while Germany Paradies.

Iranian-style garden generally refers to a traditional garden that comes from the Persian period first. Initially, the parks were built surrounded by a fence or wall is closed. The purpose of making the park is for relaxation in various aspects, spiritual, and fun, and create a heaven on earth.

The specificity of the Persian-style garden is a rectangle with a narrow water canals and length. Canals meet in a big pond in the middle of the garden and pond filled with fish and water lily plants.

For the first royal family, the gardens must be equipped with building-sized spacious pavilions to enjoy the fresh breeze was blowing. In fact, visitors can sit under a shade tree while enjoying the splash of running water, feast for the eyes with colorful flowers and leaves and inhale the breezy scent of fragrant flowers.

Water is an important element because it can help lower the temperature inside the park since Iran is bergurun dry climates. To reduce the heat must also have a shade tree as a shade. Additional pavilion is also aimed at blocking the sun too much. However, the concept of Persian-style garden, the sun plays an important role to beautify the park. That is why trees and plants carefully selected so that solar rays can still break through on the sidelines of the leaves and illuminated garden.

An example of Persian-style garden is famous for the Taj Mahal in Agra, India. Taj Mahal garden is an interpretation of even the largest Persian-style garden in the world that was built during the Mughal kingdom. Ideal concepts like heaven according to Persian tradition is built perfectly in the Taj Mahal.

Persian-style gardens also spread to Andalusia, Granada, Spain. The sample was clearly visible at the Alhambra, the palace complex at the same time nan majestic fortress of Bani Ummayyah Caliphate, which covers an area of ​​hills in the border city of Granada. The palace was built as a residence caliph and his superiors.

Beauty of Persian-style gardens in the past presented to the Europeans, among others, through Ibn Battuta in the 14th century, Ruy Gonzales de Clavijo in the 15th century, and Engelbert Kaempfer in the 17th century.

Ruy González de Clavijo is a roamer and author of Castilian origin. In 1403-1405, Clavijo became ambassador representing King Henry III in Timour, Samarkand.

While Engelbert Kaempfer (16 September 1651-2 November 1716) is a German naturalist and physicist famous for his trip to Russia, Persia, India, Southeast Asia, and Japan in 1683-1693. Kaempfer is describing the beauty of Persian-style garden in detail when returning to Europe.

Type of park

There are six types of Persian-style garden in accordance with its function. Three parks for the public is Hayat, Meidan, and Park. As for personal is Hayat, Chahar Bagh, and Bagh.

Hayat is a classic Persian garden that emphasizes aesthetics rather than function. Therefore, the structure is more important and often has a curvature and a pool that is used as a bathing place. Common ground was covered with gravel and plants that are laid out a simple form of row crops.

Meidan also includes a formal garden, but rather emphasizes biotic or natural elements and minimize the building structure. Plants in the park like this diverse, ranging from trees, shrubs, ground cover plants flower, until the grass. Element pools and paths of gravel as a barrier.

Chahar Bagh is a private garden and formal. The park is usually divided into four quadrants, each separated by water channels or walkways. This park serves as a part of the workspace for the rich, for example, entertaining ambassadors or other important guests. As with other types of gardens, there is always an element of green plants, ponds, and walkways.

Park according to its function is in the public interest. Thus, existing elements such as trees, park benches, buildings, and pool all to be enjoyed by the wider community. Its function is primarily for relaxation and socializing.

Such Bagh park, emphasizing elements of natural and green. However, bagh is privately owned and is part of the house so that its main function is as a family leisure arena.Recreation cheap

When I visited Iran at the invitation of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, last September, next to Laleh Park Laleh International Hotel, was so crowded. Rhythm of the music was pounding as many gymnastics together on Thursday (23 / 9) morning.

There are a lot of tap water can be drunk directly. Besides gymnastics, many visitors to play badminton, volleyball, or jogging. Many of the visitors who sat reading, playing, to parenting.

In Niavaran Palace complex, there is also a beautiful garden that surrounds the Niavaran Palace. Once the palace was the official residence of the last king of Iran, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. To get into this complex visitors must pay 3000 rials per person or nearly equal to the same amount in dollars. However, to enter the palace, visitors must purchase another ticket for 5000 rials per person.

While Jamshidieh Park also called Jamshidieh Stone Garden was built as a memorial to Jamshid Davallu Qajar, the Qajar prince who makes the park to Queen Farah Diba. This park is located in the district at the foot of Mount Kolakchal Niavaran.

There are restaurants, traditional Iranian teahouse, picnic sites, hiking to the summit area of ​​the mountain, open amphitheater, and a pool. So many visitors enjoy the park from early morning until late at night. They should roll out a picnic blanket or rug, camping, or just stroll and stop in the tearoom.

The park is popular among young people. They were happy to come forth while carrying a cushion and blanket for the night low temperatures there.

"Look at the trees, there must be a lover who was dating and cuddling. I used to frequent in Jamshidieh date, "said Khouros, friend and guide us in Tehran as he chuckled.

For me, the most fun things there are the sellers of boiled corn on the front gate. Reminded me of the atmosphere at the Peak!(Ida Setyorini)

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