Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Photo Tips

Photo tips candid photo pointers

Tips on taking travel shots like a pro

Photographing people
Know the wisdom of these photo tips: Tell a story. Have a sense of place. Know when to take full body and close-up shots. Focus on the eyes. Rotate the camera. photographing people to learn why.

Composing your shots
Keep these photo tips in mind: Fill the frame, eliminate visual distractions before you click, see what the camera sees and not what you visualize, attempt to keep lines horizontally and vertically oriented, and don't always center your subject. composing your shots to learn why.

Photo flash
Be aware of fluorescent light discolorization, the dire effect of flash on batteries, the issues of photographing in museums, and how compact and SLR camera flash differ. photo flash to learn why.

Without flash
Practice taking flashless pictures indoors. For instance, try it when your subject is looking out a  window during the day. You may be surprised with the artistic results. using no flash to learn why.

Other photo situations
Learn the photo tips on how to deal with problems that occur in the rain, on an airplane, through a glass pane, at sports events, and at night. Animals and close-ups also pose difficulties. other photo situations to learn why.

Plus more photo tips ...
See my complete list of my photo-taking tip pages in the left column and near the bottom of these page. Their clickable.

Photo tips on buying camera equipment

Camera features
Don't be fixated with megapixels. Once a camera reaches 6 megapixels, the following factors are more critical to most camera buyers: component quality, LCD size & quality, scene modes, shutter lag, and image stabilization. camera features to learn why.

Most camera owners are unaware that idle batteries discharge, that they can leak if they are stored too long in a camera, or that overcharging a battery or recharging it when its not fully discharged can decrease its effective lifespan. batteries to learn why.

1.      It's more vulnerable than you may think. For example, you take a risk if you share your memory card or stick with a friend. memory to learn why.

Invest the time to become familiar with zoom vs. fixed-length, zoom configurations, and when to use certain lenses. lens to learn why.

And don't forget this important photo tip

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