Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Rustic Harbor Town

By Cinthya Sopaheluwakan, executive summary by Darmansjah

Strong winds blowing in ocotober quite cold and the leaves are falling around the city of Copenhagen. The atmosphere at the beginning of autumn make the city of Copenhagen golden glow.

Situated on a peninsula north of Germany bordering the Baltic sea. Denmark has several islands of various sizes. City of Copenhagen or Kobenhavn in Denish language which means merchant port, located on the island of Sjælland and Amager. Its strategic location makes Copenhagen has an important role in the history of sea trade in the Baltic Sea and its surroundings. This city grew into a major port and trading center as well as play a role in the history of the Hanseatic League trade. Copenhagen is also the capital of the most expensive compared to other capital of Scandinavia is notoriously expensive.

When visited, the first thing I felt was how calm the capital. Many cars and traffic, but does not reduce the charm of this city. Most appropriate and inexpensive way to enjoy Copenhagen is by foot and you can start from Radhuspladsen in front of radhus building (city hall). All the historical sites and attractions within walking distance while enjoying the atmosphere of the city center complete with medieval buildings of Cantil. Skip Tivoli Garden (recreation park), Rosenborg Slt, Botanical Gardens, Amalienborg Palace, Nyhavn, Christiansborg, Kongens Nytorv and then trace the boulevard until the end Radhuspladsen Strøget.

Tivoli Garden
Rosenborg Slt
Botanical Gardens
Amalienborg Palace
Kongens Nytorv
Radhuspladsen Strøget

Unlike the big cities in western Europe which generally takes the hero of the war, generals, admirals king or sea, in Copenhagen a lot of literary writers and philosophers who perpetuated. The main street in Copenhagen, Hans Christian Andersen, the writer who changed the world famous boy-child with a fairy-tale like the ugly duckling or the girl selling matchsticks. Immortalized a great writer gives the impression of a humanist, in which the work of thinkers appreciated. Enthusiasts can visit the HC Andersen Andersen's Wonderful World of loading his life in Copenhagen. One of the works of HC Andersen's become a local attraction that is always visited by visitors to this city Adala hDen Lille Hafrue or The Little Marmaid. This statue is a Copenhagen icon located on the edge of the harbor.

Where I stay very close to the grave Assistens Kirkegaard, where HC Andersen was buried, and on the last day I took the saw. Although not as popular as Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris where dimakamkannya famous figures, this park is quite interesting because it does not look like a cemetery, but more like a regular city park complete with beautiful iron gates and lush trees. The location of his grave the legendary author somewhat isolated but there are a few arrows into the grave.

Range of shops in copenhagen, Denmark, with the shoppers and tourists in its yard.
Nyhavn, the famous pasatry Danis

Some of the large garden into the lungs downtown, making the atmosphere of calm and pleasant. Copenhagen is sala hsatu greenest European city so pedestrians feel comfortable in this city. City a very lively part is Strøget, car-free boulevard lined along the 1 km various shops, restaurants and cafes are arranged beautifully. The shops are charismatic invites visitors to enter or just way too comfortable atmosphere to enjoy while mingling with locals and fellow tourists interspersed with a variety of street art performances. In winter the restaurants and cafes provide blankets to warm the feet if the visitor wants to sit in lura. Strøget large plaza ended at Kongens Nytorv, and not far from there we could see Nyhavn bordering the waterfront. There are two rows of wooden houses flanking a small canal where the colors red, yellow, green, and blue each other creating a unity kotras but really fascinating. On the banks of the canal there are also some timber ships are docked permanently. Built since the 17th century, Nyhavn meaning new port, where sailors used to be anchored and lowering cargo. Kin part of this port city has become part of the historical and maintained a district with bars, cafes and restaurants. Not far from this row of houses HC Andersen lived there for 18 years. Nyhavn is very distinctive aura and Scandinavian regions, and different from the rest of Europe. Liberal spirit of this city was among others the existence of Christiania, the city wants autonomy apart from the town and bohemian atmosphere. Initially this area is a place homeless young but later developed along with the free-city idealism into areas that deliver sales and using cannabis until 2004.

Interacting with local people in Copenhagen was fun. Everyone can speak English fluently. Several times I chatted with the locals, and besides kindly answered my questions, they also seem very proud to talk and hold a Copenhagen. As a nation's capital, Copenhagen is a safe place to go. As a female traveler, leaving me alone is considered normal and not something extraordinary by feminists of this country. Copenhagen slick, open, calm, and strong character, humanists, and feminists are always invited me to come back.

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