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Thousand Isalnd and White Crater TOURISM

Holiday Nights

Visitors take pictures at the White crater, Ciwidey, Bandung regency, West Java, on Saturday (18/12). White crater nearly a week of beauty hampered by thick fog coming down. Nevertheless, it remains a tourist attraction visited by tourists.

 White crater, Ciwidey

It's time to pack a suitcase and glanced at tourist destinations with a relatively low cost in the vicinity of Jakarta. You do not need to ask for a sabbatical in the office. You also do not need to spend lots of money. However, do not worry. You can still enjoy the holiday year-end in one night.

Pulau Untung Java

Thousand Islands became increasingly popular destination capital city residents who want to unwind. With a distance of 45 kilometers from the coast of North Jakarta, or 1-1.5 hours by fast boat, you can arrive at the cluster of beautiful islands.

Onrust Island

From a number of islands, some locations, such as Pulau Untung Java and Onrust Island , could be an option. In fact, only with IDR10.000 cost per person, you can already ride a fishing boat from Tanjung Pasir, Tangerang, and arrived in  Pulau Untung Java or Onrust . "It can be cheaper and shorter and at will visitors want to come at what time," said Achmad Hidayat of Relax Tour and Travel.

Pramuka Island

If you want a more compact, with a cost of IDR 220,000 per person, you can join the two day overnight tour packages. This is for groups with 30-50 people; includes meals, transportation, and lodging. Visitors can also enjoy the beauty of the reef, enjoying the scenery underwater with scuba diving or snorkeling, with an additional fee of course. Or, if you want free, you can play sand or just climbing the coastline to close by year end.

Tidung island

Escape momentarily from the capital city is so popular that package bookings for December and January have been closed. "All messages since three months ago, mainly to December 31," Achmad said.

Adventure Island, a provider of travel services to the Thousand Islands, is also preparing a package a day and night tours to the island Tidung which is one of the largest islands in the Thousand Islands. For the complete package, travelers must pay IDR 350,000 per person.

Cost is already included transportation costs, lodging, three meals, snorkeling, and tours around the island. "If the group even more, the cost incurred per person is getting cheaper," said Noviana, in charge of Adventure Island.

Air cool

The beach is not the only destination. The addict can also targeting tourist towns in the highlands of cool air, such as Bogor and Bandung, West Java.

Though dense and jammed, London is still a popular tourist destination for residents of Jakarta who want a vacation.

The high interest in vacation in Bandung can be seen from the hotel occupancy rate. Public Relations Hotel Grand Royal Panghegar, Restina Setiawan, said of the 158 rooms available, all have been booked for December 31, 2011 until January 1, 2012. "The peak occupancy occurred on New Year's Eve," he said.

Tourists from Jakarta still dominate. Seeing an opportunity, the travel agency to make Jakarta-Bandung tour packages. Amadine Tour and Travel, for example, offers a package of two day one night tour to Bandung and Bogor in West Java.

Packages offered include South Bandung Tour. On the first day, tourists departing from Jakarta to the White crater in Patuha Mountain, Bandung regency. Once satisfied to see the beauty panorama of the crater White, proceed to Situ, which is a beautiful lake located in the middle of tea gardens in Bandung Regency.

dago pakar treking

On the second day, tourists will be escorted to shop in the area of ​​Dago, Bandung. If you're satisfied shopping, tourist new escorted back to Jakarta.

According Wulan of Amadine Tour and Travel, ordering a two-day tour packages that at least one night must be numbered four. Tour cost per person starts from IDR 1.5 million. "We provide car and bus, depending on the number of subscribers. Buyer can also determine the route, "he said.


There are also tour packages that appear to carry the environmental issues and education. Adventure Island, for example, offers eco-tourism. Travelers who join the tour to the island to plant mangroves Tidung can participate by contributing IDR10.000 per tree. "With the contribution, the tourists have to pay maintenance costs of mangrove," said Noviana.

Crossed over to Pramuka Island, visitors may adopt by purchasing a coral reef IDR25,000. They then plant the corals that have been purchased at the location of marine national parks located around the island. There is also a turtle to visit.

Noviana said, it worked with the Thousand Islands residents to preserve the environment. "So, while traveling, travelers are invited to preserve the environment," he said.

Moved from area beaches, ecotourism offered medicinal plants Karyasari development center could be an option for those who want to vacation educative. Participants invited to a trip at once recognize 500 species of medicinal plants. From Jakarta, you can go to the garden of medicinal plants in Bogor with IDR125.000 cost per person, or garden in Bandung IDR 190,000 per person. Travelers will be escorted by cars with a capacity of 12 people.

"We deliver and pick up the participants," said Secretary Tuti Karyasari Winarto. The time required for travel is quite short, so you do not have to stay. That in Bogor duration 8-10 hours, while in Bandung takes 14-15 hours. As a bonus, there is also shopping in Bandung. That is, so you can practice the science of medicinal plants to treat a sore foot after tracing a number of factory outlets in Bandung. Ready? (SIN / ARA / gre)

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