Wednesday, October 26, 2011

ISLAND Mansinam

Missionary Moment So tradition Tourism


Manokwari, Manokwari Thousands of citizens and residents of other areas in the province of West Papua Evangelism celebrate the yearly tradition of Christians in Papua. In addition to preservation of culture, ritual is both a momentum and tourism assets of the city of Manokwari.

Since Saturday (5 / 2) morning, residents began coming to the island boating Mansinam-ten minutes from the coast of Manokwari-island missionary who landed by two Germans, Johann G and Carl W. Ottow Geissler, who introduced Christianity in Papua. Tradition Evangelism is warning the Christians commemorate the entry of the Gospel in Papua, 156 years ago, exactly on February 5, 1855.

According to the Head of Development Activities of Culture and Tourism Tourism District West Papua, Sergius Rumsayon, this island is one of tourism assets in Manokwari that can bring thousands of tourists in one day.

The celebration begins with the Gospel brought by a number of priests and tribal population inhabiting Doreri Mansinam Island, with boarded the ship meyeberangi strait toward the city of Manokwari. They were greeted by representatives of tribes who accepted the Gospel Arfak. It describes the procession after the island Mansinam, Christianity began to spread to the mainland of Papua.

According to the pastor at the Church Mansinam Lahai-Roi, Alexander Amandowen, this warning is not only addressed to the Christians, but also to entire communities in Papua. That's because the expectations of this celebration are nurtured Interfaith harmony despite different religions, which has been running well in Manokwari.

For this year, the celebration centered on the City Evangelism Wasior, Wondama Gulf, and the city of Manokwari. Typically, processions and prayers are conducted in Pulua Mansinam.

Nico (39), residents of Manokwari, said the number of churches or visitors who come will be more crowded on the five-year celebration, as in 2010. Various cultural activities will be more shown.

Not only a religious celebration, this tradition became an annual tourism event in the city of Manokwari. Local tourists, foreign tourists even came flooding Mansinam Island. Anyone enjoying the beauty of the beach, but some are building a tent to stay. The fishermen are also enjoying it, and make the ship as a sea taxi to Mansinam. (ENT)

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