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Small island at the end of the Moluccas was ...

Executive summary by Darmansjah

Small island at the end of the Moluccas was called Morotai. A strategic island adjacent to the State of Palau and the Philippines. Because of its strategic location, Japan and the United States made military bases in the region. Until now, the legacy of U.S. troops can you find in the region. Not only rich in history, there are 53 islands in the District of Morotai. Most are quiet virgin beach. Because it's panoramic beauty of the marine was able to tempt you to visit Morotai. Not to mention the underwater Morotai filled with objects of history of World War II.

Unfortunately direct access to Morotai still limited. Although the district is planning to make Pitu Strep airstrip became a commercial basis. If this is true, then access to Morotai will be more easily achieved. First, Pitu Strep is a U.S. Army airfield. Now the airfield is managed by the Air Force.

A national airline is to start a commercial project by doing pioneering flight in 2010. Only, aviation pioneer does not yet have a fixed schedule and routine. Although ticket prices are very cheap at around IDR300.000 because it is still subsidized by the government. In 2011, it is likely the price is not subsidized anymore.

While waiting for the air base Pitu Strep can really be used for commercial flights, the following tips on how to Morotai. There are several alternatives to Morotai. Most people who want to achieve will be through the port Tobelo Morotai, North Halmahera regency. In addition there is also an alternative to Ternate Morotai by sea. But the travel time by boat of course, much longer. Schedule ship was only 1-2 times a week.

Galela-Tobelo Tourists from outside Maluku can enter through the Airport Sultan Babullah, Ternate. From here you can ride Dornier 328 aircraft owned by Air Express to fly to the airport Gamar Malamo, Galela. Small aircraft are only charged 33 people. Passenger seat comprising a seat on the left side and three seats on the right side. Rates vary but around IDR300-350 thousand. Travel time is very short, only 30 minutes. Schedule flights from Ternate on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There are two alternative departure Express Air. Apart from Ternate, another alternative is to depart from Manado. Scheduled flights from Manado is only available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. IDR595.000 ticket price range is up to IDR695.000 takes about 45 minutes. From Galela you can continue the journey to Tobelo overland by renting a car or taxi.

Land-Line Ternate From Tobelo
you can travel by taxi. Of course, much longer than you are by air, which is 5 hours away. But the price will be cheaper, ie IDR90.000. Do not be surprised when he saw a taxi. Because the cars used for taxis belonging to luxury cars. First of all you need to cross over from Ternate to Sofifi by speedboat. Simply pay IDR50.000. And then took a taxi to Tobelo.

Once in Tobelo you can ride the ferry from Port to Port Tobelo for Ms. Lastori, City Daruba, Morotai. The cost is very cheap, only IDR15.000. Unfortunately the ferry only leave once a week. Another option is to ride a speedboat with a capacity of 30 people. You need to spend more in the amount of IDR50.000. There is also speed motorcycles with a capacity of 10 people. Speed ​​motorcycle taxi ride faster latency. But again that is more expensive IDR100.000.

As for transportation in around Morotai, you can rent a car. Morotai residents call it a passenger car. The rental price of about IDR500.000 per day. You can find auto rentals around Port Ms. Lastori. Another easy way is to take bentor or motor rickshaw.

As for exploring the islands at Morotai, speedboat charter is often the first alternative. Unfortunately the prices are very expensive charter, which is about IDR1, 5 million. Other options ketinting or boat ride locals. You can also hire ketinting to take you around at a cheaper price.

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