Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Save to England Travel Guide

Executive Summary by Darmansjah

The islands to the north of the continent of Europe who also shaped the kingdom - United Kingdom (UK) which is also popularly known as the United Kingdom or Britain it has long been a favorite destination of tourists from Indonesia. However, one country is also well known as a tourist destination that is not cheap, aka expensive.

Well, are now present an adequate solution for those who want to travel or vacation to England with a low cost. TravelerGuidance.Blogspot site already presents a brief article contains guidelines and effective and probably the only how to plan and take a trip to the land of his saving Prince Harris is the lowest possible cost.
Bristol Cathedral
As for the cities to be visited in this site are London, Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford, Birmingham, Leeds,Leicester, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Warwick and Edinburgh. Not only that, there are also discussions about a visit to Stonehenge, Tentagel, Costwold, and others.
In fact, you will also be given tips and trick how to find inter-city public transport ticket costs only 1 pound it! Realy... .. just ONE pound sterling only. In addition, you also provided a reference how to choose and order a cheap lodging-rousing in various cities in the UK.
Well, for those lovers of soccer, the article also discussed a planned visit to the various stages of the UK's leading football clubs like Manchester United Stadium, Liverpool Stadium, Leeds United Club and others.
Also for those who wish to travel at once to find the school (university) for her children, then when it stopped at Oxford, Cambridge and Birmingham, also discussed a review of the leading universities in each city. Only for Indonesian language editionyou can download it at www.travelhemat.com


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