Sunday, October 23, 2011

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executive summary by Darmansjah

The reluctance by Indonesia to host 7 Wonders of the declaration of the New World or the New 7 Wonders to fruition in the suspension of the Komodo National Park as one of 28 finalists. Minister of Culture and Tourism, Jero Wacik, explains, the rejection was because of the amount of money should be spent Indonesia is about 45 million U.S. dollars or equivalent to Rp400 billion. A statement from the organizers, who will write off Komodo if not willing to host, is regarded as a threat.

"Apparently they threatened me. Indonesia if baseball wants to be a host, yes we will remove the dragon," said Jero imitate speech party organizers, the New7Wonders Foundation, after the Plenary Meeting of the Cabinet, the Presidential Office, Jakarta, Wednesday (02/02/2011) night.

In breaking news listed, as the organizer of the New7Wonders New7Wonders Foundation announced the Komodo status as finalists will be suspended starting February 7, 2011. Komodo Island is one of the finalists of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World category. The announcement quoted the reasons for the delay because "official statements and contracts with related parties are not fulfilled. "

"I said, I already answered his letter as I mentioned earlier, is not willing to host because it is expensive. When threatened, I got up nationalism. Cook threatened NGOs threatens this same baseball clearly. The validity of these foundations are not or may not be credible. If threatened , my sense of nationhood emerged. I do not want to send a letter. He said on 7 at the verdict, "said Jero.

He said, do not be a problem for Indonesia if the Komodo crossed out and vote results already obtained are considered missing. In fact, the government also has issued a number of funds for promotional purposes and to get support through a public vote.

Komodo Island

"But peace alone. After all, since there is the New 7 Wonder, now more famous Komodo Island region. visits have gone up 400 percent since 2007. We'll see, there is already a benefit that is a good name. Rather than host had to get out 45 million U.S. dollars .unfortunately of state funds. If he's willing to delete us, means that (New7Wonders) only just business, "he said.

As reported earlier, Indonesia offered to host the declaration on November 11, 2011. As a commitment fee, Indonesia is obliged to pay 10 million dollars and provide funds at least 35 million U.S. dollars for its implementation. However, the Indonesian government refused because he thought the fund was too large.

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