Friday, October 7, 2011

Malacca Tourism

Learning from the seriousness of Malacca

Malacca State Government (provincial level in Indonesia) in Malaysia to build proper water flow control facility at the mouth of the Malacca River (meeting with the Strait of Malacca). This facility allows the surface water along the Malacca River is stable so that 26 ships ornamental (Malacca Cruise) can flow calm pamper the travelers who reach 1,000 people per day.

Original Text by Orin Basuki, executive summary by Darmansjah

"Our target 10 million tourists who came to Malacca," he asserted Malacca Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohammad bin Mohammad Ali Rustam. It's not nonsense. Malacca has the beauty of the capital to attract foreign tourists to the province in the western part of Peninsular Malaysia is.

Although only a province, the target of tourist visits over the target Indonesia as a country. The key to the courage of the state set a target is to focus on policies to develop their tourism sector.

Just look at the tour of Malacca River. Although it has been late, around 23:00 local time, tourists are pampered with tranquility, clean air, and the area around the river is laid out nicely along this river.

Travel on the river is not expensive. To enjoy the tour with a boat, from 26 boats decorated, provided the Government of Malacca, Malaysia cost 10 ringgit, about IDR 28,000.

With ornamental boat, tourists towards the estuary (the confluence of the Straits of Malacca). On both banks of the river, stood the old and new buildings are arranged in harmony.

Between the houses and buildings constructed pedestrian Malacca River for both walkers and cyclists. Some houses have been transformed into cafes, tourist places to rest.

In some parts, on the banks of the river, growing trees, including fruit trees Malacca. On the other side of the river, the Malacca Government to let mangroves thrive and meetings. This area is habitat for lizards, which are allowed to live freely there.

All the way down the river, the atmosphere light by flickering lights, day or night. All the buildings along the banks of the river fitted with colored lights, which turned on all day. Malacca Government who bears the cost of electricity.

Occasionally, the boat was under an old bridge, guarded authenticity. Similar Puente de Rialto in Venice in a smaller size.

The commitment of all people

To make beautiful the Malacca River, the Malacca Government to invest 370 million Malaysian ringgit, or IDR1.11 trillion, for a period of six years.

"In the past, fishing boats can go out into the stream. Now we allow, moved to another section. First, the population on the banks of the river freely dispose of household waste, must now be filtered first. In the past, this river has no control of water discharge, there is now, so the water depth remains the same throughout the day. We built this with the commitment of everyone, "said Secretary of the Regional Government of Malacca Ramlee.

The effort was not in vain. Now, the Malacca Government revenue from ticket sales of 10,000 Cruise Malacca Malaysian ringgit per day, or approximately USD 30 million.

The advantage is not only that, by following the Malacca Cruise tours, tourists who travel there to see storefronts in Malacca. From first glance, the travelers are expected to stay longer.

Malacca can be reached from Dumai, Riau, using fast boats about two hours. Malacca could also accessible from Kuala Lumpur by bus with a ticket price of 11 Malaysian ringgit, about IDR33.000. It could also be from Singapore and Johor with a bus ticket 22 Malaysian ringgit, the equivalent of £ 66,000.

The buses are very rare in Indonesia. Semidouble decker, clean, comfortable, with a maximum of service, and depart every 30 minutes. Whatever the number of passengers, the bus still depart on schedule. If not interested in taking the bus can be by taxi.

Malacca-Kuala Lumpur trip taken two hours. As if from Singapore four hours. All the way across the freeway.

"Travelers who stay in a hotel in Malacca to Singapore can commute, not to worry too late because it was close," said Mr Mah, car rental businesses.

With all the ease of it, Malaysia is ready to suck travelers from Indonesia as much as possible. Imagine if Malaysia and Indonesia are connected by land.
Malacca Government keen to build bridges to connect Indonesia and Malaysia, the Malacca Strait

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