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Wanfujing Beijing

Beijing's Best Shoping Street
Executive summary by Darmansjah

When traveling with limited funds, one of the least expensive form of vacation is window shopping. For those of you who like shopping, this event will certainly be a tough challenge, especially if the budgeted funds are limited. If you are the type of observer who likes to see and try to understand the behavior of the local community, look around the shops would be a very enjoyable activity.

If you are fond of spending the day at Orchard Road in Singapore or visit the interesting shops along the way Najing Lu Shanghai, then this is definitely one area that you like. Located just east of the Forbidden Palace is Wangfujing, shopping street in Beijing first. This is where the main retail heart of the city, where some of the leading mall with boutiques and shops that had stood since hundreds of years ago proudly showing off the latest products through displays that tempt faith every shopaholic.

Wanfujing role as one of the main shopping street in Beijing began  Yuan dynasty  Chinese rule. Formerly this area as a bustling commercial center because of its strategic location close to the central government. Through the Ming and Qing dynasties, continue to survive as the Wangfujing commercial area even further established himself as one of the center of Beijing's most important economies.

What can you see here? 1500-meter-long road is specifically intended for pedestrian has several shopping centers that you can go. The first and Paing near the exit is metro Wangfujing Oriental Plaza. Although it only consists of three floors, this mall is one of Asia's largest commercial building because the building includes several large blocks. In this shopping center, you can see a variety of boutiques from which selling writs watch up to luxury cars.
oriental plaza

On the bottom floor there is a hawker center serving a variety of foods from all over China also international  cuisine, at the north end of Wangfujing, you can also visit the Sun Dong An Plaza, a mall as high as seven stories that will show the preferred brands of local residents or Intimate Lotte is also featuring a wide selection of the world's leading brands.

Sun Dong An Plaza

Among the malls that are scattered on the road. You can find many unique shops that sell typical products of china. You can stop by the store that sells a wide range Wujutai teas from various corners of china. You can also drop into a small shop that sells Carpenter Tan's comb with a wide range of shapes that never even imagined before. Meanwhile Tongshenghe provide the best quality chinese traditional shoes. there are many more shops selling traditional goods such as china specialist Daiyuexuan that sells t-shirts for writing or calligraphy, Shenxifu which for hundreds of years has made the best quality hats, until Ruifuxiang which offers high-quality silk. If you want to get a souvenir of quality china, Wangfujing Gongmei Emporium is the place you should visit. This five-storey-high building sells variety typical range of handicraft products are appropriately priced china. Wanfujing also has a place for you who love to read. Wangfujing Xinhua Bookstore, the bookstore as high as six floors adjacent to the Oriental Plaza, will make you amazed by the variety of collections of books he owned. Although most colection using the local language, do not be afraid, due to on the second floor of the largest book store in China this you can get English language books, ranging from classic novels to books about Chinese culture.

Wangfujing Xinhua Bookstore
We know, you definitely can not wait to taste the typical food in this area is not it? Wangfujing, as other commercial areas in china has a lot of hawker centers that will pamper your tongue as well as test your nerve. How not, a variety of foods ranging from roasted duck to sea animals which some considered rare animal lover, you can get here. Not far from the Oriental Plaza, Donghuamen Night Fair awaits you with every serving. Horse sparks? Scorpions range in size? Star of the Sea? They're all here, ready to be fried as you are heating a cold night. Pasa nights are always filled with local and foreign visitors every day also provides a variety of other foods such as candied kahs china fruit covered in sugar, dim sum, up to grilled lamb, and all can be obtained at a cheap price. While enjoying the snacks market, you can also look at various suvernir to take home. Replica statue of Mao, fridge magnets china great wall picture, or decorative lacquer can be purchased here, certainly after his exhausting bargaining process. Outside this region Wangfujing night market also has a variety of interesting restaurants that you can go from the typical Beijing hot pot restaurant to an international franchise network such as McDonald's and KFC. For the deep-pocketed, serving roast duck restaurant Quanjude must try. Using the recipes in the former royal chef  Qing dynasty, the restaurant which stood since the 19th century has make one major culinary destination in Beijing. If you love dumplings, Gonbuli presented with a variety of flavors that you can visit. A little more to the middle on the eighth floor Intime Lotte, you can eat delicious hot pot dishes in Haidilaohuoguo. Meanwhile Donglaishun in Sung Dong An Plaza serves kosher hot pot that is no less delicious.
Donghuamen Night Fair

Wangfujing you can visit anytime, but evenings are the best times to enjoy a variety of sensation. Do not forget to stop for a moment at the Cathedral Dongtang, catholic church with a long history. Building that was renovated in the early 20th century to provide fresh variation of this commercial area. Exactly in front of him there is a plaza where children practice calligraphy with a brush and water giant.
Cathedral Dongtang

When To Go
Beijing is a city of four seasons with weather that can sometimes change in the extreme. When you visit Wangfujing, use clothes that are comfortable with the seasons apply. Do not forget to use comfortable shoes and bring enough money.

What Around
Locations in the district of Wangfujing Dongcheng make strategic place to visit after travel or Tiananmen Square Forbidden City. All around you can also visit Hutong, the old residential area of ​​Beijing residents as well as the National Art Museum of China with 21 rooms featuring a diverse collection of valuable art

Where To Stay
Hotel Kapok Beijing, 16 Donghuamen Street, Beijing. Tel: +86 10 6525 9988 www.kapokhotelbeijing.com
Wangfujing Youth Hotel, 21 Xitangzi Alley, Dongcheng District, Beijing. Tel: +86 10 6525 9685

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