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Puri Kelodan Agung Rai

Traditional Balinese houses always divide the space into two parts, for sanctuary and housing.
Original Text by Putu Fajar Arcana, executive summary by Darmansjah

Agung Rai has some room for everyday activities. He used to get around from Arma Museum, galleries, restaurants and hotels, but in the end always come back to the Castle Kelodan Peliatan Ubud, Bali, the house where he lived with his family.

The house was always giving energy to move again tomorrow. "Even though I met all day guests at the hotel, for example, I always return home," said the owner of Arma Museum Ubud, Bali, on Friday (31/12) in Ubud.

Houses, for the Agung Rai, not just a function for physical rest after a day of work. Moreover, the house seemed to always give encouragement to the maximum and then move outside.

Agung Rai family home situated within Kelodan Peliatan Puri Ubud, an environment in which assembled the Sukawati royal dynasty. As a traditional house, the rooms in his house is divided in two parts: parahyangan and Pawongan. Parahyangan always located in the northeast of the sacred buildings of merajan (family temple).

In the space then there is a building known as bale Pawongan daja, home to the parents, then Bale Dangin designated as the spacecraft conducted various rituals. There is also a bale Dauh, where the children lived, while the bale delod is room for the kitchen. Agung Rai's house is also equipped with klumpu, a place to store rice granary.

"Although the extent of only about 500 square meters, but as the house that goes in the castle complex, I still follow what is required under the doctrine Kosali Kosala," said Agung Rai.

Kosala Kosali Agung Rai is none other than the Balinese traditional guidelines in utilizing the spaces of everyday life. The doctrine is then translated by the construction of a building complex that always prioritizes relations with God among residents.

Bali style

The entire building in Agung Rai's house was designed by what was then known as bali style. The main characteristic of Balinese style using red brick walls, carved sandstone, and thatched roofs. The entire group of buildings bounded by Penyengker wall (barrier) and at the entrance is always built-angkul angkul (gate).

"The whole building has also been designed such that no need to use coolant. In addition there are air grilles, roof thatch also provides coolness. No need air conditioning, "said the former trader entrepreneurs acung (peddlers) in Kuta.

In addition to buildings, homes Agung Rai also has a living room, situated between the buildings. This space, he said, not only serves as a vehicle for interaction between family members, but also as a forum for organizing the ritual. "If there is a wedding ceremony, for example, is always centered in the home. We usually build fangs, temporary building of bamboo and palm leaves in the yard. "

All activities related to the family ritual is always held in the house. "Because it is associated with merajan. Events such as receptions, for example, we hold a new museum in the yard, "said Agung Rai who was just married his youngest daughter.

According Suartini Anak Agung Rai, the wife of Agung Rai, as a traditional house located in the castle complex, the house belongs to the family may not be transferable. "Especially sold. This heritage because it is built on land owned by descendants of the king family, "said Rai Suartini.

Although the new building was founded by Agung Rai circa the 1980s, but because it stands on the estate king, he can not be traded. "So, it becomes heritage, protected areas," said Rai Suartini.

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  1. It would be ineresting to note that Balinese and Chamorro traditions (customs) are so closely related. Guam, however, had been inhabited by Spanish (100+ years); Japanese (3 + years) and now United States (as its territory). Certain words, manerisms, traditions, body language, food, and weaving with coconut frunds are earily similar.

    We knew Agung Rai and his late brother, Agung Raka for 30 years, but haven't seen each other for almost 10. Continental Airlines stopped its direct flight and it became difficult and expensive to go there from Guam. However, we plan to go again this year, Lord willing.