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Year-end holidays to India 

By Darmansjah
NOT be denied that the euphoria of the end of a long vacation more so. So, whether your family has to determine where the tourist destinations that will be visited? Trying India. If you are interested to explore the charm of India, prepare yourself to conduct a series of pleasant trip.

And will not spend time as it travels from Singapore to New Delhi by plane can be taken for 3-4 hours. Arriving there, the rest of your body because the next day overnight trip to Srinagar will continue using the local plane. Furthermore, you can explore Gulmarg, a hill town an interesting and much visited by tourists since the first. In fact, you can try skiing there.

After spending time in Gulmarg, you departed back to Srinagar by boat while enjoying the lake and surrounding natural beauty. If you have arrived back in Delhi, you will be invited to visit Old Delhi, Red Fort and Jama Mosque, the largest and famous mosque in India built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the year 1658.
old delhi
red fort
city of agra
taj mahal
fatehpur sikri
jantar manar

Visiting India is incomplete if you do not stop in the city of Agra, to witness majestic Taj Mahal. Buildings that fall into the Seven Wonders of the World was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for Queen Mumtaz Mahal. Buildings that require time for 22 years and about 20,000 workers this is the most famous tourist temapt in Agra city. Furthermore, you can go to Jaipur (Pink City), Fatehpur Sikri, Jantar Manar, and Craft Factory.

amber fort
hawa mahal
national museum
 india gate

president house

parlianment house

Other destinations are Amber Fort, the old capital of Jaipur ground and if possible, you can ride an elephant to get to the top of the hill. Also visit the Hawa Mahal (Wind Kingdom), a beautiful pink building with lots of small windows that are used by the royal women to see the procession of the annual celebration and City Palace, once the residence of the royal family. Do not miss all the national monuments and buildings of nationality India, such as India Gate, President House and Parliament House.
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