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Tourism | Christchurch

City Unforgettable
By Susie Berindra,executive summary by darmansjah


Christchurch is the largest city in South Island, New Zealand, famous for its tourist Aoraki Mount Cook.
Views of the mountains covered with snow in the winter into the top-selling tour to be sold in the city.

The trip to Aoraki Mount Cook taken within four hours from the city of Christchurch. Air Asia X Media Group Family Trip which followed several journalists from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and India traveled for four days in Christchurch. AirAsiaX is promoting new destinations. Kuala Lumpur-Christchurch traveled for 10 hours. 


Church of The Good Shepherd with a background view of the mountains of ice in Lake Tekapo, Mackenzie District, Christchurch, New Zealand, became a favorite of brides. Travelers who go to Aoraki Mount Cook always took time to stop at Lake Tekapo.

Along the way beauty Chrischurch as the garden city is very dear when passed away. There are several places to stop off for a moment to rest, enjoy the cold or just take pictures.

One is a very beautiful Lake Tekapo.
Everyone who passes the lake must be stopped for a moment. Lakes on the plateau (710 meters above sea level) in the heart of District Mcackanzie. Mountain-Lake with views of mountains and surrounded by golden yellow grass.

Tekapo name comes from the Maori language, foreign workers (sleeping mat) and Po (night). Soil and gravel in the waters of a glacier melt that makes Lake Tokapo unique color, blue-green mix. When the temperature reaches zero degrees, some parts in the waters of the lake will freeze.

On the edge of the lake there is an old church which is said to always be a bone of contention of the bride to give the oath of allegiance accord there. The little church called the Church of The Good Shepherd (Church of the Good Shepherd). The church was built in 1935 is filled with ornamental rocks. Unfortunately, visitors who come can not enter into, could only see from behind the glass wall of the church.

Not far from the church there is a statue of a dog that became a symbol of sheep farming in the Mackenzie.
Everyone who comes will certainly make themselves available to her photos there. If you want to stay overnight, there are several residences, from cheap to expensive.

One of the inn that offers beautiful scenery around Lake Tekapo is Pepers Bluewater Resort. Residence directly overlooking the lake offers a fairly high price for a single room, about 200 dollars New Zealand (NZI) or £ 24 million.

Salmon Fish

Close to the inn, there are Alpine Springs and Spa which offers plenty of activities to have fun with snow. Business Managers and Sales Alpine Spring reveals, visitors who come can enjoy tubing, skiing, soaking in hot pools, and spas.

Manager had to say, the place has an area filled with man-made and natural ice along the 150 meters with a slope of 50 meters is used for tubing. Tubing to be one of the favorite activities at the Alpine Springs. Tubing is a game of sliding on the ice with the position of sitting on rubber tires (like a float). Of course, Alpine Springs to provide safety equipment such as helmets. 


The next port of call, see the salmon fish farms in the world. Mount Cook Alpine Salmon Farm is a fish with stunning views at an altitude of 600 masl. The Farm of  Region Mount Cook fish species King Salmon that are free from air pollution using snow melt that flows from the Alpine mountains in New Zealand.

Aoraki Mount Cook

After enjoying the scenery of Lake Tekapo, the group continued on to Aoraki Mount Cook.
The journey taken about two hours. This is where the peak travel during four days in Christchurch. 


Aoroki Mount Cook reminds us to the mountain climber from New Zealand. Mark J Inglis, who lost both legs when climbing Mount Cook at 3745 meters altitude. With his artificial leg two, Inglis can be conquered Everest with an altitude of 8882 masl. Photographs and books Inglis was on the museum at the Hotel Hermitage. The Sir Edmudn Hillary Alpine Centre.

Entering the Aoraki Mount Cook, the pride of the cloud covered mountains of ice are directly visible. That afternoon, the beautiful mountain scenery can not be enjoyed from the Hotel Hermitage, temapt our stay, our tour guide from the Tourism New Zealand, was in doubt whether we could menikkmati from above Mount Cook ski plane the next day.

In fact, a shame if the schedule to fly on a mountain of ice that had been waiting since the beginning of the trip will be canceled.
That night we rested, hoping the weather will change. Sure enough, when the eyes open and open the bedroom window, straight looks stunning views of the iceberg. Well, betap happy we are being told flight schedule will continue.

The pilot gave a little guidance before flying. The aircraft can carry eight passengers skis, we were holding on as the plane began to move, go up slowly and down the Glacier Garden.

Woow .. very beautiful scenery. Mountains of ice, which is white and the flow of ice that freezes in the Aoraki Mount Cook National Park to make us stunned. After arriving in the glacier area, pilot said the plane would land on the ice and there are fewer shocks. Ouch, kinda exciting too when the plane landed at the foot of ice.

When the plane doors opened, Brrr ... it's cold. "This temperature is minus 10 degrees celsius, careful with his pace," said the pilot.

Very true what is said the pilot. When the foot stepped on the ice, so cold it feels. One member of the troupe who wore shoes with no right to hold only takes two steps off the plane. After that he immediately asked back into the plane.

Mount Cook Ski Planes offer the adventure in the mountains with Mount Cook ski plane or helicopter.
To rent a plane, it costs around 255-495 USD per person. The price offered depends on the selected pad trip visitors, whether to land on ice or not.

One of employees at Mount Cook Ski Plane, say, aircraft leasing is more quiet in the winter than summer.
"In winter, only about 10 people a day. If the summer will be more crowded, can be up to 200 people. If the summer, the scenery is better, greener, "he said.

Experience around on Glacier Park may be the most memorable of the trip circuit at Chirstchurch.
Before returning to Indonesia, the group that had just passed Christchurch earthquake affected. Some buildings still left devastated by an earthquake measuring 6.3 Richter scale in February 2011. in fact, the cathedral church which suffered severe damage Chirstchurch not used anymore.

Trip for four days to make an unforgettable Christchurch. Winter which makes the color white in the mountains does not eliminate its beauty.

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