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Metropolitan Manila

Executive summary by darmansjah
When Benigno Aquino III was elected president of the Filipinos in mid 2010, the world's attention again focused on Manila, one of the major cities in Southeast Asia that has a long history until the 10th century. Starting as a tribal village around the Pasig River, Manila now has become a metropolis with a population of about 16 million people, nearly equal to the number of people in Jakarta. Spanish influence is ever colonize for over 300 years, followed by the strong influence of the United States that have military bases overseas biggest in this country until 1992, making Manila as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Southeast Asia.

The population is fairly fluent English language and friendly nature makes Manila's very interesting to explore. If you are fond of good food, shopping hooked, and wanted to meet with the mestizos are pretty handsome, go to Manila in a short visit on weekends, of course with a frugal budget. The following recommendation itinerary to visit for three days and two nights in Manila.

Intramuros-Divisoria Night Market

On your first day in Manila visit Intramuros, an old town, surrounded by artificial Spanish fort in the 16th century. The series of European colonial-style building with a well groomed, even some still functioning, you can visit here. Do not forget to stop at the Manila Cathedral with a magnificent facade and interior. No less interesting is the Church of San Agustin which is the oldest building on the Filipinos, the Post Office building made in 1926, to the Theatre of metropolitan Manila's art deco style. Then stop at the Fort Santiago, the old fortress more than 400 years with a view toward Manila Bay are spectacular. Visit the Casa Manila, a restored colonial building in the reign of President Marcos. Here you can admire the beauty of the furniture and original artwork that has been restored. At night you can visit Divisoria Night Market, one of Asia's biggest night market for shopping or just looking for food.

Ayala Museum, Makati

Today you will be in Makati area all day. Start your morning with a visit to Ayala Museum, the most important modern art museum in Filipinos. This modern building storing artwork Filipinos pioneer painters such as Juan Lunna and Fernando Amorsolo. Once satisfied, you can visit dozens step on foot mall lined up neatly, each with its own unique theme. You can visit the Greenbelt 1,2,3,4 and 5 (with a scale far larger than the Mall d'Ivoire) while enjoying a building design that combines indoor and outdoor shopping. Glorietta and SM Makati is located also promising a spectacular shopping experience. Satisfy the desire to watch Hollywood box office film while you're here.

China Town
Almost all the cities in the world has a Chinatown, Manila is no exception. Surrounded by two beautiful old churches, Santa Cruz in the east and west of San Binondo, Chinatown golden colors of the oldest in the world this will be the object of an interesting photo. Admire the beauty of the building Uy Su Bin art deco style and taste delicious spring rolls at a famous restaurant Manilenos. In addition to the above two churches, there are still some more buildings Catholic people that you can also visit, including the Church of Christ Quaipao that holds most sacred statue in Filipinos.

Some of these places can be entered into if the tone itinearary still have time to spare.

Museum Malacanang Presidential Palace in the environment, in this museum you can learn the history of Filipinos since the first president Emilio Aguinaldo to the present Benigno Aquino III. The museum is located in the area of ​​San Miguel.

Marikina Shoe Museum is the place to visit shoe lovers. Among his collection is about 800 pairs of shoes have the former mother country Filipinos, Imelda Marcos.

Greenhills Shopping Center is often described as retail centers Filipinos, because here you can shop at more than 2000 stores that sell various products, ranging from jewelry to your mobile phone.

SM Mall of Asia is shopping lovers destination, because this is one of the biggest mall in Asia. Consists of four interconnected buildings, do not worry about your legs will fatigue because this mall provides a tram for visitors.

How to Get There and Around
Currently there are two airlines that serve the route from Jakarta to Manila is Cebu Pacific Air and Philipine Arilines with long travel about 4 hours (Manila time difference more quickly an hour from Jakarta). From the Manila International Airport, you can ride Jeepneys (P8) to the airport to then use the Manila Light Rail Transit System (LRT) that will connect with Manila and Metro Rail System (MRT) with rates between (P12-20). Taxis in Manila is quite cheap and reliable, just that you must make sure that they have turned on agro.

Where to Stay
Manila is a big city so you should live in the area kedat by means of mass transportation like the MRT and LRT. Our suggestions you live in the Malate area of ​​Manila is the center of nightlife. Although there are several hostels with tariffs below U.S. $ 11 per night, we recommend to stay at the shelter more secure such as Baywatch Tower (2057 MH Del Pilar St. Malate) and or Le Mirage (2126 Mabini St. Malate) with rates ranging from U.S. $ 20 per night per person. If and adventures with one or two friends, stay in the lesson Residence (944 Remedios Street, Malate) with rates ranging from U.S. $ 32 per night quite affordable bag.

Where to Eat
In many of the leading malls such as Greenbelt and Glorietta you will not be hard to find a variety of foods with international tastes. But it never hurts to try foods that favored local residents not it? Try Max's Restaurant, a franchise network with 120 branches serving traditional food fried chicken and Filipinos. Additionally Goodah! An open two full hours also serves traditional food at affordable prices ranging from P40-130. Chocolate lovers certainly will not miss a visit to Max Brenner, chocolate artisans from Israel in the Ayala Center. Back to Malate you can taste dishes special Pampanga province with exotic dishes such as Betute (fried frog with the content of pork, and spices) and Kamaru (sauteed crickets) at Bistro Remedios.

2 nights @ P 920 P1840
transportasiP500 P500
eating 3 days @ P500 P1500
tickets masukP200 P200
Total P4040 = U.S. $ 87

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