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Things To Do In Bali this Summer

Executive summary by darmansjah

You are already many times to visit this island must find out why Indonesia's main tourist destinations is always a mandatory destination, especially in the holiday season. Yes,
Bali is always evolving. Tourism players here know very well that the tastes of tourists, both domestic and foreign, change with changing times. Between tradition and modernity blend in harmony is what makes the island resort destination will never be boring because there's always interesting destinations to visit and fun activities to do with family or friends. Want to year what are? Here are 50 fun activities that can inspire your visit to Bali this month!

Bathing elephants
Bathing the largest mammal on earth will be a unique experience in your visit to Bali. There are not many places that provide this rare opportunity, one of which is the Elephant Safari Park is located in Ubud. Make sure you bring a change of clothes for hard-skinned animals are fond of playing with water!

Fine Dining at Mozaic
Once in a lifetime, to spend a bit of, you shall taste the creations creative Chris Salans in his restaurant nuanced shade with tropical trees. You can choose the standard menu available like Discovery Menu, Vegetarian Menu, or the Chef's Tasting Menu, but I recommend the Chef's Srupirze menu is full of surprises: a high-quality ingredients such as black truffles and Russian caviar and wine pairing options.

Enjoying the Bali Agung Performances

In response to Siam Niramit show in Bangkok, Bali Safari & Marine Park at the end of last year launched the Bali Agung, a colossal theater involving talented dancers with alluring costumes, stage settings and modern lighting, as well as dozens of trained animals. Tells of the marriage between the daughter of a king Bali with China, Bali Agung will take you to the treasures of the Balinese culture 900 years ago.

Enjoy the Infinity Pool
Infinity Pool in recent years become one of the trends in Bali. Anywhere you can find the infinity pool? Ayanan Resort & Spa has a swimming pool without this limit with elongated shape with a very beautiful sight at sunset. Similarly, a swimming pool Potato Head Beach Club directly adjacent to Seminyak Beach. Meanwhile, The Legian 101, a new hotel opened in February, offers an oasis amid the hustle and bustle of Legian area. The spacious roof deck, pool bar serving with cocktail concoction of choice, would be a perfect place for you to enjoy an unforgettable Bali sunset.
Ayanan Resort & Spa
Potato Head Beach Club
seminyak beach

Stylish Smart Experience at THE 101 LEGIAN
Bali, conjure Legian into a identical  place with the concept of urban. As one of today's most popular tourist destinations on the island of Bali, Legian is offering a myriad of activities and accommodations for the traveler and businessman, the 101 Legian is a hotel that is representative of the chic and trendy lifestyle brought the concept of Smart Stylish Experience. An integrated 197 rooms at The Legian 101 shows a smart stylish design that looks clear through the design of modern minimalist interior and exterior.

To feel for urban ambience in this region, the 101 Legian offers several special packages to welcome the school holidays that fall to mid-September 2012. One is a package of Smart School Holiday style stylish Experience with prices ranging from USD 92 + / + per night, including breakfast for two people. If you stay a minimum of two days, you will get a cash back bonus of 100 thousand  rupiahs per room. This special bonus is provided exclusively for domestic guests wishing to enjoy the new urban area of ​​Legian.

School holidays certainly the right time for recreation with family. Therefore, The Legian offering The 101 Family Experience  package that includes accommodations for two nights for 2 adults and 2 children under the age of 12 years. With prices ranging from U.S. $ 650 + + per stay, you can occupy the room type interconnecting Superior Room (two rooms connected). This package also includes breakfast and lunch for the entire family, and welcome drink coupon for 2 adults at the Rooftop Dine & Music Lounge.


Young couples who want to enjoy Bali romantiseme can choose the package 101 Deluxe Experience. Feel the experience of staying in Deluxe Room Balcony known as Window Legian. Enjoy a two-day stay package for U.S. $ 400 + + including breakfast for 2 persons in Deluxe Balcony, a welcome drink coupon at Roftop Dine & Music Lounge, and one-time spa package (60 minutes) in Atma Spa.
The whole package is proving that The 101 Legian is temapt right to spend your vacation time with family, spouse, or relatives. If you make a reservation for a stay during school holidays, The 101 Legian offers a special 25% discount for reservation packets 101 and 101 Deluxe Family Experience Experience. This further makes The 101 Legian right place for you to enjoy and feel the urban ambiance in a whole swathe of Balinese culture.

Ceramic Craze
Bali's creative hands produces a variety of interesting crafts products in various forms including the ceramic. Jenggala, as a quality assurance-quality ceramic products, through its massive showroom in Jimbaran area displays a diverse collection of beautiful ceramics, ranging from decorative tea set up an inspiring, certainly at a premium price. To save money, you can stop by the outlet at Sunset Road and Sanur to get a little classy product defects with a 50% discount, can tel to +62361 703 311

Massage with Rattan
Been to Bali is not complete without tasting traditional massage. This time I suggest you to try a massage with the use of rattan bridge is taken directly from Kalimantan. With a combination of aromatherapy oils, this massage will improve blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, and increase endurance.

Join the Kecak Dance
You must have seen the Kecak Dance which is about romance of Rama and Sinta. Seeing the dancers are sitting around a fire in a trance statecak’ muttering throughout the show, you might even think of trying to join and enjoy the sensation. Do not worry, there are several places where you can join the herd of dancers seated in a circle dance typical of this. One is in Klapa, which gives this island unique treats on Thursdays, after sunset.

Learning to Cook at Mozaic Cooking School
Learn to cook directly on the restaurant's award-winning 100 Best Restaurants in the World San Pellegrima Guide in 2009 and the Top 10 of the Best restaurant in Asia in 2009 by the Miele Guide will certainly be an exciting experience during this holiday. No matter if you're not a Professional because Chris Salans and his team will teach you how to cook make this restaurant a legend Ubud!

Visiting Trunyan
I know, visited the cemetery during the holidays is the last thing that probably comes to your imagine. But a visit to the cemetery complex located Trunyan isolated on the edge of Lake Batur will supplement your knowledge about Bali and its culture. Currently direct access road to the village of Trunyan already be bypassed by using a four-wheeled vehicles. From the Village Trunyan you can use a canoe that be beaten local residents as well as a guide to one of the wonders of this island.

Hotel Hopping
This hobby is quite expensive. But for fans of architecture, works of the father lived in the villa architecture of Geoffrey Bawa in tropical Asia Batujimbar Villa, Sanur, or enjoy the beautiful Como Shambala prominent Malaysian architect Cheong Yew Kuan course will provide insight into an exciting and unique experience. Staying in a hotel with a high historical value as Tjampuhan Hotel & Spa, Ubud, which is one atu first hotel in Bali and was once the residence of famous painter Walter Spies, also bound to provide its own story.

batujimbar villa

como shambala

tjampuhan hotel & spa
Go Organic!
You lovers of organic food? If you have a chance to stop in Ubud, do not miss the opportunity to visit Sari's Warung Organic Bodag Maliah. Restaurants form joglo house located in the middle of Ubud nature of this promising green delicacies with local and international recipes, using its own production materials that are free from chemicals. To reach this place you touched through the rice field walk along almost a mile, so do not forget to wear comfortable footwear. For reservations can telephone to. +62,361,972,087

Bask Yuk!
Because Indonesia lies in the equator, we can sunbathe anywhere, anytime, as long as the sun is blazing. But sunbathing in Bali, with a wide selection of gorgeous beaches, still it provides a different sensation. Armed with tanning lotions, hats, towels width, reader TravelerGuidance.Blogspot.Com and iPhone or iPad and BB, you are ready to get exotic skins like a famous artist from Latin America.

Playing with dolphins
In the morning, when the sea surface temperature is still quite low, the region Dolphins often leap into the air while foraging around Lovina Beach. Contrary to what you find in swimming performances, which are often found in groups of mammals is seen more loose in doing attraction in the wild. because it is quite far in the northern part of Bali Stay in this area to be able to freely start your hunt.

Cycling in Kintamani!
Leave a fixie or Sally's favorite mountain bike and pedal to better enjoy the wild mountains of Kintamani the fresh air. Several operators are ready to guide you to visit various interesting sights can be reached by bicycle, such as ancient villages, temples hundreds of years old, to the plantations and rice fields owned by local residents. Do not forget to use sun block! And do not litter and damage to nature!

Down the Ayung River
Splitting Ubud, the Ayung River is known as the sacred river for Hindus of Bali. The currents are quite friendly makes this river is very exciting to be forded by raft or kayak. Natural atmosphere of Ubud, a series of small waterfalls, up to a giant carvings decorate some parts of the river made ​​the experience is quite different across the river. You are not yet proficient rafting should not be afraid because many operators are ready to become the guiding one of them is Sobek.

Undersea Wonder

Even though notfamous with Raja Ampat or Derawan, the underwater beauty of Bali is actually quite interesting to explore. There are several areas in the north that can be addressed, such as Amed and Tulamben. Some parts of Lovina was quite interesting to explore. More interesting spot can be found at Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida. If lucky, you may meet Mola fish with a unique shape. You do not have a license to dive? Do not worry, because with any snorkeling you can see the park.



nusa lembongan coconut beach resort

nusa penida

Jammin With Balawan
Guitar legend from Bali Indonesia have been stunning public Indonesia and the world with a strong ethnic touch to his works. Her love is so great in Bali makes Balawan chose this island as a place to work. You want to enjoy the show directly from the guitar maestro! Contact restaurant Bunute at +62361972177 to get his stage performance schedule and enjoy a musical sensation in the middle of nature charming Ubud.


taman bebek ubud

Relax in Nammos
Lates few years, network-owned beach resort is renowned Karma Kandara be the talk of Bali sun lovers. Imagine, a secluded position with an atmosphere that resembles the Mediterranean coast in region liked him a lot of tourists a taste for cosmopolitan. You want to snorkel, kayak boat, or simply relax while enjoying the beach serving seafood and cocktails, all can be enjoyed here.

Learning Yoga
Learning Yoga in Bali? Why not? Currently the island of gods have various yoga training centers ranging from basic to advanced level. Take sample as Yoga Barn is located in Ubud. This place has at least five classes per day, from 7 am until 9 pm, with a duration of approximately 1.5 hours. The fee is quite affordable, ranging from U.S. $ 11 and can be purchased in packages, call tel. +62,361,970,992

World of Beads
Bali is famous for its variety of manic-beaded ornaments that be created in a variety of decorative shapes. The price is cheap, you can get a necklace with a price of about U.S. $ 0.8, makes a lot of women tourists often buy a variety of manic-manic as complementary accessories or souvenirs to take home. Seminyak is known as a paradise beads because this region you can easily find the center of manic-bead with a diverse collection.

Hunting Furntirue
Bali has become one of the worldclass furniture production centers, particularly the tropical style. Just look at a variety of shelf space along the bypass that leads either to Seminyak and Nusa Dua and Sanur bypass towards that displays all sorts of products, halted from teak divan, easy chair made ​​of rattan, to the quality hammock with a fairly cheap price. Other areas that are also lots of displays of furniture are the various galleries in Kerobokan and all the way to Ubud in the region Batubulan. For interior products, the rows of galleries in Ubud will provide a variety of interesting trinkets to take home. You are a fan of antique items? Try your luck in the region and the Monkey Forrest Road dear divinity, Ubud.

Shopping Organic Products
People magazine named the sugar palm products the couple's Big Tree Farms Ben & Blair Ripple as one of the healthiest products in 2010. Interestingly, it turns out, this tree logo argo
business company based in Bali and actively producing a variety of other organic products such as pepper, honey, cashews, until brown. Other names are also quite popular is organic jam producer Kou Cuisine quality which has two outlets in Ubud. Bali has become one of the organic food production center, so do not miss the chance to get it over the holidays.

Observing the procession Ngaben
Indeed, this cultural event that one can not predict its existence, because in addition to expensive, usually only those certain circles burial procession that has been going on since hundreds of years ago. Therefore, you must be diligent to find out when this colossal event was held. Experience following the procession is indeed very impressive. Starting from the enthusiasm of the
bearer, religious processions, until detailed box that resembles an ox would become its own experience during your visit to the island resort.

Enjoying the show Semar Pegulingan
Variety of Balinese gamelan are very interesting to know, one of which is semar Pegulingan. The series of music tool at this since the 17th century is shown on the environment as the strains of music royal Balinese king bed and conductor of the empress. You can enjoy the strains of music that is rarely found these at The Oberoi Bali second Thursday of each month starting at 7-8 tonight. Tel. +62361730361 Ext.842.

Met with Janet de Neefe
He may not be as popular as the author of Eat, Pray, Love, but this Australian-born woman to be named as one figure who popularized Ubud Bali as a destination of cultural tourism. Married with I Ketut Suardana in 1989, this woman is the figure behind the success of Ubud Writers & Readers Festival in 2011 it entered the year to 8. In addition to painting, mother of 4 children is also the author of 'Fragrant Rice', a book about his life journey as well as many Balinese recipes. Meet Janet in one  her cafe, Indus and Casa Luna or follow these cooking classes are held every day at

Walking on Seabed
Still remember with wetsuits ‘Tintin’ and Captain Haddock, complete with a round helmet made of glass? You want a similar experience can follow the activities of walking on the sea floor along Marine Walk Bali in Nusa Lembongan. You will be invited to enjoy the beauty of marine life and play by beautiful fish who became residents of colored corals around you, and before you try to log on at

Understanding Modern Art in Bali
Bali is not just a collection of traditional culture because many local artists and foreign countries that developed in the island following the various streams of modern art. You can visit the art galleries that keep popping up in recent years. At the Ordinary Artspace, Seminyak, you can enjoy a photographic diary of Matteo Basile or exploration of colors and shapes on a painting by Made Wianta. Meanwhile Komaneka Fine Art Gallery featuring paintings focus on various styles of works of local artists.

Komaneka Fine Art Gallery

Mengedarai car or scooter rental, berkelanalah to a variety of interesting remote destinations that may not crossed your mind before. Many of the routes with a duration of between 2-4 hours of travel to choose from. Classic route-Seminyak Ubud-Kintamani or Bedugul past trip to Lovina, Lake Beratan, Lake Buyan, and Lake Tamblingan to then reach Singaraja and Lovina Beach reached, or browse through the east coast of Padang Bai, Candidasa, Amed and Tulamben up, you can choose routes and the most preferred destinations. On the way you can stop for a moment to just eat, buying sovernier or sightseeing around. With the fresh air and sun that burns, the journey tracing the beauty of Bali will be one of the highlights of your visit this summer!

lake bratan

lake buyan


padang bai

candi dasa

So, Enjoy the Best Gelato in Bali
Hidden in the bypass lane Nugrah Rai to Nusa Dua, there is one of the most comprehensive in Bali supermarkets that sell a variety of kitchen needs, ranging from tools to cook until meat quality imports. In addition, the Gourmet Garage also provides a variety of foods such as salads, pasta, until a series of desert bistro located in one building with it’s supermarket. Here you can enjoy homemade gelato that was very refreshing as a release thirst after a day playing on the beach, and just call to +62361701650

Enjoy High Tea
With so many foreign influences, Bali can not shy away from mixing foreign culture in its scope. Many foreign traditions that go in and become part of daily island communities, such as high tea. The drinking culture that was popularized by the British public can also be enjoyed in Bali. Just look at Biku, the restaurant in Petitenget area that presents a wide selection of the special is served with silver tea set, complete with sweet and salty snacks such as Classic Scones and cucumber sandwiches as a friend at the banquet this evening. Tel. +62 361 857 0888

Reconnect with History
If you include a history enthusiast like me, there's no more unique place in Bali for direct contact with various objects of high historical value in addition to the Hotel Tugu Bali. Open since 1996, the hotel maintains a variety of rare historical artifacts collected over decades by the owner Anhar Setjadibrata. You can stay at Le Mayeur suite dedicated to the Belgian painter Walter Spies Pavilion is or which contains a variety of personal items such as cameras, photo's childhood, his personal papers to the sura. You can also enjoy lunch or dinner in the Great Wantilan with riveting detail or Bale bellows with a series of heritage artifacts Balinese royal family are slain in the heroic events of 1906 can be at tel +62361731701

Know Pottery Making Process
As a creative center, Bali is a lot to offer activities for you who like something that smells artistic. If you appreciate the pottery, one branch of art which has thousands of years old, it never hurts to stop by the Eclipse Pottery, Mr. Tamin, the founder who never explore the art of clay to Japan, with open arms will open your eyes about the process of making pottery with perfect quality. Visit showrooms at the same time a simple studio in the region Pengosekan, Ubud. At tel. +62,361,972,282 If indeed eager explore the making of pottery, as well as imagination.

Bird Watching
Want to know Bali from the other side? What if you are more familiar with one of the occupants, the bird, which is often the object of an advanced range of paintings and murals by local artists? More than 50 species of local birds can be found in Bali Bird Walk activities are guided by the legendary Victor Masson and Wayan Sumadi by better known as Su, activities relying solely on leg strength and sharpness of eye, you can borrow binoculars, was organized in groups small (about 6 people) down the area around Penestanan beautiful. (

Learning Farming
Farming is fun and exhausting you know! Imagine, you are trying to grow rice, uprooting plants gadfly, picking fruit is ripe, or weeding crops to grow to perfection. Activities that will remind the agrarian life of our ancestors of yore is packed into the program attracted by the Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan. On land terraces overlooking the Ayung River, you will be guided by the instructor to learn how to grow crops that true and correct. Earlier this farming activity you can call at +62361977577

Been to Island Manjangan
Located adjacent to the Port of Gilimanuk, you are able to visit West Bali National Park surrounding the Menjangan Island and the surrounding region. What's interesting about this park is a blend of the natural flora and fauna with underwater charm is still maintained its preservation because of its remote location and lack of visitors coming. If you want to linger to enjoy the beauty of tropical islands while doing various activities such as snorkeling, kayaking or trekking. You can stay in Menjangan Resort to enjoy the atmosphere back to nature with a perfect. And do not forget before heading to this location to log on at

Walking on Mount Batur Caldera
What is it like walking on Caldera, among the dried lava-like black tar? If you are in the peak area of ​​Kintamani, it can easily be seen partially blackened Mount Batur back to the edge of the lake. Search the way down to the edge of the lake and enjoy one of the largest caldera in the world.

Exploring the beaches in Sanur and Nusa Dua
Do you know if Sanur and Nusa Dua has a variety of ramps and beaches clean? Among the various resorts and star hotels, you can find a sundeck with fewer visitors compared to the beaches in the area of ​​Kuta and Seminyak. Geger beach located adjacent to the Hotel St. Regis Bali Resort, for example, has a soft sand and spectacular views. In Sanur Beach you can go to enjoy the sunrise Sumawang.

Clubbing in Ubud
Yes, clubbing in Ubud! This quiet area actually has a place for partying till night with the sound of music DJs and live bands. Not far from the Mozaic. You can find Ozigo, a club with what design is and visitors are highly variable. When I visited compaction, other guests are a group of Russians with magical style clothing dancing with erotic style following the tracks of ... Peter Pan!.

7 hours Spa
From head to toe, all the parts of your body will get a treatment that uses a variety of natural products at Aroma Spa Retreat, Sanur. For seven hours, you will enjoy a series of treatments that will soothe body and soul with techniques of traditional treatments. Available in three package options and comes with a lunch with a menu of organic, spa experience with this one will be one highlight your visit to Bali.

Enjoying a delicious dish Naughty Nuri's
Restaurant this one is special! Open since 1995 (as written on the clothes of the servants), Naughty Nuri's promising grilled pork ribs with a taste that will not be forgotten, complete with seductive spicy sauces. Do not forget for tasting sausage and enjoy a martini is blended directly by the bartender in front of you, other than in Ubud, Naughty Nuri's now has branches in Seminyak, precisely in the way of Stone Belig.

Starbucks coffee in Ubud
As a cosmopolitan area, Ubud is not able to resist the flow of globalization. Towards the end of last year, an icon of globalization from Seattle, Starbucks has opened its first outlet in Ubud, a little different from what was in the airport or Kuta, coffee shop located right in the center of Ubud presents a more tranquil ambiance in the building of strong shades of Bali. Is his fate would be equivalent to Starbucks Forbidden City? We'll wait.

Taste the most delicious eggs Benedict in Bali
Not all restaurants in Bali serves eggs Benedict. Serving breakfast from New York is getting a special place at the Four Seasons, both at Sayan and Jimbaran. Equipped with grilled bacon and Classic muffins, and served with lemon, a delicious breakfast will be the perfect beginning for your holiday in Bali.

Heal your Soul
Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love, come all the way to Bali separately seek peace, and he got it from a healer. You also want to find peace of mind can visit various meditation centers led by the prominent healer, one of which is Bali Usada. July-August, meditation centers led by Mr. Merta Ada will be held two times a meditative activity with a duration of about one week in Baturiti.

Club Hopping
Perhaps the only Ibiza in Spain who could defeat a party's reputation as a center of Seminyak beach. There is always a new club that became the center of attention with a series of world-class DJ and musician who attended enliven the atmosphere. After the end of last year Potato Head Beach Club began operating in mid March and Woo Bar is located adjacent to the central party also started to become exciting in Bali, complete the classic venues such as the Ku De Ta and Hu'u Bar.

seminyak beach

potato head beach club
woo bar

hu'u bar

Travel your Taste in Kerobokan
This region is promising a memorable culinary experience. Imagine, you can enjoy cuisine from around the world through a variety of restaurants here. Degan Café which serves Thai cuisine, Viennese Café with a series of Austrian pastries and a delicious breakfast menu, Ultimo faithful with Italian cuisine with western food or Rumors that always make a miss and an affordable price.

Sip the best lychee martini in Bali
Cocktail connoisseur of course familiar with this one drink. Not many places in Bali that serves this drink with the perfect combination yagn. One of the pubs which consistently presents lychee martini with original flavor is Hu'u Bar in Kerobokan. Rasyan the right guaranteed to make you come back again!

Brunch at Café Moka
As a place that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner a la Europe, Café Moka has earned a reputation among its own culinary connoisseur. Starting from the variety of soups, salads, pasta, to seafood and a series of desert, all served with continental cuisine that fits. Currently, Moka Café can be found in Seminyak, Ubud, Canggu and Bukit.

Pia hunting or Pie?
In recent years Bali feverish ‘pia’ and pie, two kinds of food that although has nothing to do with the local culinary treasures has become the fruit of hands citizens of the capital required on a visit to Bali. When the ‘pia’ is snacks from China, which is also widely hunted pie was inspired by the desert of western small  size and shape similar to the egg tarts which found in Macao. Among the various brands of pia and pies which can be found at the center for souvenirs or the airport, only Pia Legong with chocolate, cheese, and nuts, as well as Milk Pie Genuine most requested. Due to high demand, you have to order a few days earlier in order to get the desired amount. Pia Legong at tel. +62 361 7898777 and Milk Pie at tel. +62 361 784 2073

Wandering Stone Belig
Legian, Kuta and Seminyak has become a favorite destination due to many shopping centers and nightlife are scattered in various corners. Kin continue to explore the development of the tourist area of ​​the southwest region, one of which is Batu Belig. Along the road leading to the beach, you can find several restaurants as Naughty Nuri's dancing (a branch of Ubud) and Warung Sobat is quite crowded because it tastes delicious and the prices are friendly. Enjoy the sensation at Warung (non permanent tent) Beach sunset while enjoying a variety of dishes are also delicious and friendly on the pocket.

Looking at Sunset
One thing that you should not miss during your visit is to enjoy the sunset. Many spots to choose from, ranging from Kuta Beach or Tanah Lot with thousands of others, to the café-restaurant-club which many scattered around Seminyak such as KuDeTa and SOS. If you want a more spectacular spot, you can stop at the Rock Bar, epilepsy or to the atmosphere of surplus natural that you can go to Canggu Beach.

How To Get There
You can reach Bali by land or air. You can travel overland by bus or train AKAP majors followed by Jakarta-Surabaya Surabaya-Banyuwangi. More air path was chosen because it is faster and convenient. Many airlines have regular scheduled flights from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta to Denpasar, including Singapore Airlines (SQ), Malaysian Air Lines (MAS), Garuda Indonesia (GIA) or Indonesia local airlines such as: Batavia Air (2x flight / day, departure 06.00am and 13.00pm), AirAsia (7x flights / day, starting 06.25am departure until 22:05 pm), Lion Air (12x flights / day, departure starts 06.45am until 20.40pm), Merpati Nusantara (1x flights / day , departure 12.40pm).

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