Wednesday, May 23, 2012

if the thought of the late mama

executive summary by darmansjah

If the thought of the late mama, happy past events including two of our trip to Europe ten years ago.
The journey starts from Gatwick Airport in London England with a trip tickets were booked well in advance using the planes' low cost carrier "Ryan Air (Similar to AirAsia deh, the longer the message the cheaper ticket price).

For lodging, because in Europe all expensive, I've been looking for info on the internet and recommendations a few friends to stay at the Youth Hostel that are in almost every major city in Europe.

Arriving at Brussels South Charleroi airport, about 5 km from Charleroi and 46 km from Brussels, we have to undergo rigorous examination, and entered in a room for the "sterile" it. This treatment occurs because of foot and mouth disease was rife in England at that time.

Due to depart without a travel service, we must tricky to see that many in the tourist map provided around the airport or train station. To get around the city of Brussels, we decided to take the bus to enter the territories neighborhoods, for rapid transport within the city we took a metro or tram.

One unforgettable memories, because the hassles of carrying a bag and a large plastic bag containing food, a bottle of chili sauce fell and broke. Yet such is the spice of chili sauce mainstay for dipped in various types of cuisine in Europe who tend not to fit the tongue of Indonesia (see "The Minang") who liked the taste of spicy and highly seasoned. sob.


In the afternoon, we went around town to see the ancient architecture of Europe at The Grand Place ato also called Grote Markt, which is the square of Brussels. The square was once earmarked as a major market surrounded by four buildings with a very beautiful piece of architecture. Detailed carvings and sculptures chronology demonstrates the high artistry. Architectural style of a combination of gothic, baroque and Louis XIV. The main buildings that surround the Grand Place is the City Hall and the building trade (Guildhalls), namely Le Pigeon and La Maison des Boulangers.

Grand Place is the old town in the centrum of Brussels began to be established in the 11th century. Elegance of old buildings well-maintained as though it stood in the midst of challenging developments insistence of Brussels became the capital of the European Union. The square is the most important tourist destination and is also the best known place in Brussels. Grand Place measuring 68 meters wide and 110 meters long. In addition, the Grand Place has been established as one of UNESCO World Heritage Site (UNESCO World Heritage Site).

Seeing the crowd of several people we were moving with the flow toward a statue of a child pee (manekken pis) which turned out to be one of the attractions as well. It lies in a narrow alley, meeting street Rue de Chene and Rue de l 'Etuve. Above a small pond there is a bronze statue measuring approximately 6o cm-shaped little boy who was peeing into the pool.

Before leaving the Grand Place, we stop at the souvenir shop for memebli souvenir fridge magnet and a teaspoon of typical Belgian funny. Because not stand the scent of chocolate spread in the air is cold brussels, we entered into chocolate shops that provide a glass of hot chocolate and Belgian chocolate mountain choice really. Because of crazy, we bought some kind of chocolate to a bag.

Like the streets in the old town Belgium in general, the roads in the Grand Place to the square-shaped square is made of natural stone granite type, rectangular with a size of about 5-10 centimeters. Setup and installation of natural stone is very neat and strong. The square of the vast terrain with natural stone flooring is often used as the location of meetings, performances, and various activities of other citizens.

With legs tired because walking around the Grand Place, we want to sit in the middle of the square while enjoying a variety of foods in restaurants around the Grand Place. Generally, these restaurants provide typical European cuisine such as steak, spaghetti and seafood. There is also a typical middle eastern foods such as kebabs, durum and ribbons, which are generally sold by immigrants of Moroccan origin. Around this area there are also restaurants in China, Thailand, and Vietnam. Wanting to enjoy a plate of rice, we were forced to shop around to find kosher restaurants that provide rice. However, ultimately the choice fell on a plate of fries and kebabs because Indonesia is the satunay restaurant there closed.

Once satiated, we went around again, and found a large store with different types of carpets and paintings Gobellin tapistry for wall hangings and lace (hand embroidered). For fear of growing our stuff, Mom finally chose one wall hangings and some seat cushions.

On the way back to the hostel because of tired, one bag of chocolate left on a bus stop. God bless mama remember the bag left behind a few minutes after the bus ride. We rang the bell frantically shouting stoppp ... hehehe if not delicious chocolates disappeared.

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