Monday, May 28, 2012

Airborne | Mentawai

executive summary by darmansjah

Challenging Waves Surfing Fun

IN the eyes of the world, Bali is often much better known than Indonesia. Understandably, because Indonesia is a country with a rating of corruption that goes in the top ranking of most corrupt countries in the world, the other with a Bali that offers natural beauty and exceptional culture, where the Hindu religion is still a majority of its inhabitants, although the current modernization and grind hit the island of Bali joints of the noble culture of Bali, Bali also has a beach with waves that challenges so as to spoil the surfers who are hungry for a challenge.

Actually other than Bali, Indonesia has a lot of places that offer a million sensations with waves no less challenging. Call it the Mentawai Island famous for its beautiful beaches.

High waves can be used for surfing activities. In fact, arguably an icon of surfing the
Mentawai Islands, which has been known throughout the world. Not once or twice an international surfing competitions held here. No fewer than 400 spots could be surfing the surf.

Surfing activity can be done at several beaches located in the Mentawai Islands. The beaches are meant, among other Nyangnyang Beach, Coral Coast Bajat, Karoniki Coast and Coastal Panganggelat Mainuk located in the District of South Siberut. In addition to the District of South Siberut, in the District Sipora there are also several beaches, such as Pantai Katiet Bosua and the South Coast.

Mentawai sea, from the waves to the sea base has a fantastic wealth of the potential f. The high waves some of which fall into the category of extreme, making the Mentawai as one of the popular tourist attraction in the world of surfing

Surfing is usually done in the months April to October. Usually in the months of the waves in the Mentawai Islands stretcher reached its zenith and the surfers can use it for surfing. Not hard to reach locations surf tourism. At least it takes about 14 hours traveling by boat through-Padang route Sipora-Muara Siberut. Surely the time is not an obstacle for those of you surfing enthusiasts.

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