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Holiday Guide Romantic Taiwan

Romantic Travel in Taiwan

Executive summary by darmansjah

Apart from Japan, China, and South Korea. Taiwan is one of the destinations that can not be missed in East Asia. Yes, areas that are closely related with China is known for technology advancements products. Call a number of computer brands that flood the world.

But the appeal of Taiwan which mainly is due to the beautiful natural panorama. Area of ​​Taiwan is much smaller compared to Indonesia. However, this island has mountains and a beautiful stretch of beach. Similarly, the other natural assets such as Sun Moon Lake and Green Island.

Sun Moon Lake or one of the lakes is encouraged in Taiwan covering 7.93 square kilometers with a depth of approximately 27 m. Why is it called Sun Moon Lake? That said, the lake is shaped like a crescent moon in the west and circular like the sun in the east when viewed from a height. However, due to natural changes and as the running time, the lake is no longer exactly as before.

Sun Moon Lake itself has a beautiful natural lake look like clear greenish water. This crystal clear lake water combined dengna background of mountains and mist review produces an amazing sight.

From dawn to dusk, Sun Moon Lake overlooking its own. In the morning, the lake surface as if covered with a thin curtain of mist. Moving day, when the sun hid behind the hill, formed shadow mountains above the lake. Meanwhile, as dusk approached, the lake reflects the golden light from the sun went sinking. What a charming scene!

Uniquely, in the middle of this lake there is an island that is named Lalu Island. Then in the middle of Island, there are a number of temples like the Wunwu Temple and the Syuanzang Temple. Syuanzang temple said to have originated from the name of the monk in monkey sacred epics, the monk in charge of bringing scriptures from India to China.

Another with a view presented in Alishan, a mountain area in Taiwan. A mountain area in Taiwan. One moment that is not forgotten in Alishan is watch the sunrise. In this moment, visitors will witness sunrise still appears reddish in the eastern horizon. Besides tourists who visit Alishan can witness the beauty of the blooming cherry blossoms begin around March. Yes, not only the Japanese who have the cherry blossoms. In Alishan, visitors can enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms that bloom in spring.

In addition to Sun Moon Lake and Alishan, there are a number of other attractive sights in Taiwan. For example the mountain marble Taroko Gorge or Spring and Autumn Pavilion. However, after they travel to various beautiful locations in Taiwan, did not complete it if returned home without a souvenir. Therefore, a time to yourself to visit a number of locations in Taiwan for culinary and shopping trips.

For that you can visit the Taipei 101 Shopping Mall and Shilin Night Market. You can get carvings, suvernir, and traditional food in there.

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