Friday, May 25, 2012

Pedestrian Devices | Support Traveling

Moka Mania, style director Azisah Syamsudin, executive summary by darmansjah

 PERF LEATHER BELT, Oakley; belt with metal buckle strong.
BROWN SLING BAG, Camel Active; simple bag with a practical front pocket detail.
LEATHER BOOTS, Camel Active; comfortable outer layer of the skin.

CAMERA STRAP, Abekani; Tali camera with solid design and not easily broken.

PASSPORT WALLET, Reza The Genuine Leather; Wallet versatile.

Stylish genuine leather with bermaterial devices ala shades of mocha brown. The longer used, the texture is more comfortable. Choose a natural color that makes you feel close to nature.

CAMERA BAG, Abekami; Material Special part in keeping the bag SLR camera and two lenses are protected.

COWBOY HAT, Reza The Genuine Leather; Protective head make it look more stylist.

VINTAGE RE-ISSUE LARGE ENVELOPE, Fossil; Simple and practical
GLADIATOR SANDALS, Reza The Genuine leather; Not only the model is long lasting, it is also a powerful flip up the long journey.

CLASSIC BICYLEBAG, Abekani; Cycling onthel be more fun with a bag of water temapt unique multifunctional design.

ABEKANI: Camel Active. Fossil.Oakley. Reza The Genuine Leather Product
ESTATE TOP ZIP LEATHER BAG, Fossil; laptop bag has shoulder strap
FLIGHT LEATHER WATCH, Fossil; Bookmarks time with elegant model
GOERGIA LEATHER WATCH, Fossil; combination of genuine leather and stainless
SANDALS DARK BROWN, Camel Active; Sandals with casual design fitting for a relaxing trip just down the shops.

SADDLE luggage bicyle, Abekani; Accessories bicycle saddle for storing a cell phone or iPod.

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