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Caring for Old Town Gamla Stan

FGR. Rows of old buildings in Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden, used for hotels, offices, and other business premises. Gamla Stan became one of the main tourist destination in Stockholm.
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Old buildings hundreds of years old is still firmly standing in
Gamla Stan, the old town of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Not only the grand and beautiful, the building also functioned as a museum, hotels, offices, shops, cafés, and restaurants. By Fransisca Romana Ninik.

Gamla Stan became one of the biggest magnet for tourists who visit Stockholm. Tourists never quiet passing by and enjoy the sensation of the past that pushed in between the old buildings in Gamla Stan. This is where old and new Stockholm intertwine.
Until now, the impression is still attached to the Old City area in Jakarta is chaotic, dirty, and less well maintained.
Gamla Stan is one of the medieval old town in Europe that are best conserved. Jan Janoniu of the Media Department of the Swedish Foreign Ministry said, about 50 years ago, no one is interested to come to Gamla Stan.
"The buildings are shabby, unkempt, and a little scary. Many of the ruins of buildings destroyed by war, "said Jan, when inviting a number of journalists from a number of countries in the mid Novemver ago.
Gamla Stan, which means the old city, until in 1980 was named the official Staden Mellan Broarna or city in between bridges. This city was built around the thirteenth century with the North German architectural influences are very strong in construction. Alleys, the streets of stone arranged neatly, and the storied old buildings is the hallmark signature. Most of the buildings constructed in 1700 and 1800.
At the heart of Gamla Stan, the court stretched Stortorget, similar Fatahilah Park in Old Town.
Stortorget, surrounded by old merchant houses, is the scene of bloodshed Stockholm in 1520.  When the Swedish nobles were massacred by the Danish King Christian II. That event sparked the rebellion and civil war until the election of King Gustav I.


Famous buildings in Gamla Stan include the Cathedral Stockhom, the Nobel Museum, Riddarhuset or House of Nobility, and the Church Riddarholm. Among all the buildings, Kunglia Slottet, Palace of the Royal Swedish baroque style so the most famous places. Kungliga Slottet built in the eighteenth century after the previous palace, Tre Kronor, destroyed fire.
Cathedral Stockhom
One of the other icons that are often visited by tourists is  Den Gyldene Freden restaurant located in Osterlanggatan. The restaurant was open since 1722 and according to the Guinness Book of Records is the oldest restaurant still open with an interior that has not changed.
Den Gyldene Freden
Another attraction for tourists is Vasterlanggatan, which extends along Vasterlanggatan full of souvenir shops that sell various types of products for souvenirs.
The cold temperatures in late fall did not deter the fun along the Vasterlanggatan. Jan said, during the summer, it is difficult to freely Vasterlanggatan down because of the many tourists in the street.
Kunglia Slottet
The beauty of the old town of Gamla Stan we enjoy today could not be separated from long efforts and commitment of the Government of Sweden to repair, restore, and maintain buildings and culture in it.
In the book Architectural Conservation in Europe and the Americas by John H. Stubbs and Emily G Makas (John Wiley & Sons Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey, 2011), Gamla Stan restoration efforts began in 1930. A special non-profit foundation to organize the restoration and reconstruction of historic buildings in Gamla Stan is formed. Restoration of funds the city is derived from soft loans from the city government and the Swedish central government.
In 1942, the legal umbrella for the restoration in Gamla Stan is strengthened by a revision of the law on monuments and findings. Mentioned explicitly in the legislation, all the monuments can not be removed, defaced, or removed. Ownership individually or private buildings also not free from the law's protection.
Church Riddarholm
Entering the 1970's Swedish citizens increasingly interested in the preservation of historical heritage in Gamla Stan. The Swedish government was increasingly eager to make systems management heritage management better history, one through the establishment of a manned inspection office staff specially trained in conservation at the University of Gothenburg.
Riddarhuset or House of Nobility
"Long tradition of government as well as focus and commitment to the conservation of historical heritage over the last two decades makes the Swedish heritage protection system so one of the best in Europe," writes Stubbs and Makas in his book.
When asked about the cost of maintenance of old buildings in Gamla Stan. Jan said, "expensive, really expensive."
He did not elaborate its magnitude, but given the hundreds-year-old building was still standing upright, grand, and beautiful, certainly not a few funds that expensed.
Landlords renting out the buildings to employers who conjure into offices, shops, inns, cafes, restaurants and other establishments. From there the funds obtained, among other things, for building maintenance.
Now the bright lights of colorful, decoration, and beauty of the buildings old buildings have replace the bleak ruins of Gamla Stan.
Nobel Museum
"I always invite citizens of Indonesia who visited Stockholm walk in Gamla Stan," said Nur Rizal Arra'di, Chairman of the Indonesian Student Association in Sweden.
Gamla Stan was not far out of reach because there is an underground railway station with the same name. Residents of some parts of Sweden can go to the station to Gamla Stan and then enjoy the tour.
How with old city? Indonesia ready to be Gamla Stan?
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