Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Being A Responsible Traveler

executive summary by darmansjah

TRAVELER. Persons with this predicate, which may be imagined in your mind, are the people who visit a site and then explore it. Not a few who think that the activity was limited to traveler came to the a area, take pictures, then return to the country of origin. In fact, far behind it, traveling to various places is an opportunity to learn more about all the things in the world. Different cultures, traditions and diverse natural beauty of a place will be a lesson that will not be available at educational institutions. The traveler get one point more than others, namely the learning of diverse ethnicities and cultures directly in place, not just reading, viewing pictures, or listen to video. With this advantage, of course, you want to culture in any place can also be enjoyed by children and grandchildren is not it?

Travel activities should be done without exploiting their destination, including culture and local residents. One way is to be a responsible traveler. Responsible Travel is basically a form of awareness of the tourists to the area in question. Broadly speaking, this means limiting the environmental impact, supporting conservation, and assist local commodities to the advancement of socio-economic area. The first step is to select destinations, accommodation, tour guides by even consider which one works with environmental preservation and member benefits for local communities culture also. By becoming a Responsible traveler, you help preserve the culture as well as member benefits for both parties, namely the local community and your own as a tourist. Remember that you visit the home to thousands of people, then make these precious moments for you, do they.

There are several important points that must be considered by a Responsible traveler. The first thing is to dig as much information about the area to be visited. Start of common things such as currency, language, climate, transportation also take you to destinations that will be addressed. It is equally important for a traveler is figuring out how the local tradition, begun from the nature of the majority of local residents, the tradition of dress, to customs. By understanding the variety of information, you will be able to act as the friend of the local population because of respect for local traditions and learn. The more information the better, as well as tone make increasingly appreciate the local culture. Custom or habit is to be one focus in the concept of Responsible Travel. When it came to a State. You are not encouraged to bring culture or custom in the State of origin is not worth it. Dress code is one example. In the State be some held, especially the eastern countries and the Islamic or Muslim majority population, dress code tends to be more polite than western countries. Wearing clothes that tend to loose courteous and highly recommended for those of you who want to mingle with the local community.

Do that by becoming a member of Responsible Travel means your profit to the country concerned? By renting a room in a remote resort. You add the income tax of this area. If you build a tent, most likely you will interact on local residents. Surely you will buy local products, whether raw or processed, or even eat at a local restaurant. Although in a small form, both of these increase the socio-economic activities in the State concerned.

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