Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Highway 101 and the piece of the Moon

Executive summary by darmansjah

Pacific Ocean waves, hills, cliffs, and the vast arid desert coloring successive trips between Los Angeles and San Francisco, United States, beginning in January. Night of stars comes studded with a piece of amber moon, by Sarie Febriane

From downtown Los Angeles (LA), we headed to San Francisco (SF) by car. Indra Boediono (24), Indonesia's middle school students in LA, Santa Barbara proposes a stopover destination in this journey.
To reach SF, Indra chose the route Highway 101, the highway (also free of charge) that is built since 1926. This route connects the southern region of the State of California, Oregon, to Washington in the northern region, which borders Canada. Route 101 extends about 2,500 kilometers along the U.S. West Coast.

In the California region alone, the long route around the 1.300 kilometer 101, from LA to the Oregon border. If driving nonstop through the Highway 101, a distance of 600 miles between LA and SF can be achieved in 6-7 hours.

Route 101 is part of United States Highway System, an integrated system of roads and highways across the U.S.. Although since 1956 the Interstate Highway System was built a more modern, the various routes in the U.S. Highway motorists are still frequently used. So it is with this 101.

Only, route 101 was not as smooth as that seems. Some point the road in bumpy conditions, with patches of rough pavement, and pocked here and there. Several times the car like a soar while crossing a bumpy road. U.S. President Barack Obama has just revealed plans to divert funds that had been used for the war to the development of infrastructure, like roads damaged. Highway 101 may be included.

Highway and private vehicles is very significant role for U.S. citizens to mobility. According to Indra, in California alone, the use of private cars even though there is still a mainstay of public transport such as buses and subways. Some residents still feel that not enough public transportation efficient and flexible to the needs of everyday mobility. However, unlike the era of the 1980s when the U.S. made cars still seems to dominate, cars are now made in Asia (Japan and South Korea) appear more prominently on the streets.

Not surprisingly, private car seemed to pull the road so that traffic is often busy city like LA coloring. Temporary parking area that many privately-run rate could also exactly cheap.

Santa Barbara

After traveling 145 miles from LA, about modern day hours later we arrived in Santa Barbara, a small town where middle-born pop singer who soared, Katy Perry. A city of about 88,000 located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean turned out more beautiful than LA.

We stop by on State Street, take a trip and shopping area in Santa Barbara with a elbar sidewalk, neat, and comfortable for laced. Small shops, cafes with canopies and tents, as well as lush decorated trees along State Street. In a small Japanese restaurant in La Arcadia we relax for a moment while eating ramen and sushi.

The journey then continued from Santa Barbara around 16:00. Still on Highway 101. To the north, we had to go through Los Pardes National Forest which covers 700.000 hectares. Semi-desert expanse of desert stretches here and there, providing all-round view of the spacious and empty. Of radio in the car Bob Marley's voice singing "I Shot The Sheriff".

Imperceptibly, the sun began to shift in the west, with reddish tendrils of light refracted on the horizon. Red sunset tonight was replaced by indigo. Although there is no street lighting lamps, clear skies and star-studded piece of soft light of the moon just illuminating the rest of our trip.

When the sunroof on a car roof is opened, a beautiful expanse of glittering night sky visible through the glass sunroof, issuing a simple sense of peace. If you are lucky, can see the milky way (star galaxy) in the course in one o one (101) this.

Only, the Milky Way did not seem to appear. May also escape from sleepiness see that clung heavy eyelids. We've arrived at San Francisco.

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