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Your Journey | Japan

Until The Japanese crossed

Executive summary by Darmansjah
Although the tsunami had hit some time ago, does not mean that Japanese tourism slumped away. Alertness of the local government and summon the help of the following facilities and information to make Sakura mend.

It is certainly a good news, especially for travelers who want to enjoy the charm of Japan. For those who want to please the kids, for example, can travel to Tokyo Disney Resort.

In the Tokyo Disney Resort  there was Disneyland that would have favored the children because a lot of Disney cartoon characters are cute and adorable. So, their imaginations will these figures can be realized and become a memorable experience.


Disney Sea is the next place that offers ocean views, beautiful port, until the buildings are made as closely as possible with Walt Disney movie plots. There is also providing suvernir iksipari about Disney and food-beverage center complete.


No less exciting is the Universal Stuidios Japan in Osaka that serves a variety of entertainment, ranging from attractions and Hollywood movies, cinema (2D, 3D and even 4D), or simply walk in tempaty similar to a film location.


For parents not to worry, there are sights of Lake Kawaguchi is a tourist destination which is always crowded with tourists. Similarly, in the city Fujikawaguchiko list a lot of Japanese-style hotels and inns. Lake Kawaguchi from the edge of the north can be seen views of Mount Fuji by the reflection of the shadow of the mountain above the lake water.


The lake is also popular as a destination for anglers. All around the lake available rental store fishing equipment and boats.


Just to refresh your memory, Mount Fuji is a symbol of Japan's famous and often depicted in artwork and photographs, as well as visited by mountaineers and tourists. Approximately 200,000 people climb Mount Fuji every year, 30 percent of them foreigners.

Deadlines are most popular among mountain climbers Adala hdari July 1 until August 27. The climb can take from three to seven hours, while the decline of the mountain at about two hinga five hours.


If interested, you can access the website http://travelerguidance.blogspot.com and try out products Tour Costsaver Dwidaya that allow travelers to feel the Fuji Q Highland, a theme park that presents the most thrilling game, One of which is a very high roller coaster with a long trajectory. Not challenging enough?

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