Friday, May 4, 2012

Airborne | North Sulawesi

Executive summary by darmansjah

Enjoying the Sunset in Manado
TOWARDS the end of the year, as now, crowded with visitors. Understandably, the end of arguably the most ideal time for a vacation with the family because it coincided with school holidays and busy work that tends to decrease.

If you are a family claiming the culinary lovers, there's nothing wrong if occasionally visited city of Manado to enjoy the unique atmosphere and snacks are always tempting.

Boulevard in the Manado area could be an option because this region is one of the icons or capital of the province whose population is often referred to as smiling people because
hospitality. In fact, many people who call this place as a regional center of culinary evenings in Manado.

The atmosphere that was there like atmosphere Losari Beach, Makassar. On the other hand, this region is superior to the Manado region because of the increasing interest of tourists to come visit the city and along the coast of Manado.

Another characteristic of this place is the availability of a variety of dishes. Not just a typical hawker Manado, but also other local specialty snacks of the archipelago, ranging from fried rice, meatballs, gado-gado, tinutan, and others. The price is relatively affordable. The visitors can choose according to taste desired. Starting from the cafes, restaurants, shops, sidewalk vendors up there.

In addition explore culinary territory, visitors can see panoramic view of nature with beautiful island of Manado Tua in the middle of the ocean.
As the sun began to slip into the western horizon, the sunset can be witnessed by the occurrence of clearly. Similarly, new buildings began to grow rapidly in Manado.

If a chance visit to Manado, this tourist area is represented as a city of Manado beach tourism and culinary. The location was not difficult to reach. If located in Manado, you can use a taxi or rent a vehicle such as cars and motorcycles.

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