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Historical Berlin

Original Text by cinthyta Sopaheluwakan,Executive summary by darmansjah

Long way along a shaded boulevard Unter den Linden, which means under the linden trees, between the Brandenburg Tor and the Tiergarten to the Museum and the Berliner Dom Island, sheltering pedestrians and provide a cool atmosphere in Berlin. Statue of Frederick the Great stood as if menjag boulevard is flanked by historic buildings such as the Humboldt University, the Opera House, and the Neue Wache (New Guard House), which contains a statue of her Dead Son Mother Eden. This scene greeted me in the city of Berlin.

City of  Berlin is a very rich history, both the history of Prussian imperial era, to the dark era of its role in World War 2. Berlin is a strategic location in continental Europe makes it a place that is always contested. The size of a large city makes it an interesting place all in one place. There is not even the old city which is usually found in cities in Europe. And although the number of tourists who come to Berlin together with other major cities like Barcelona, ​​but their large size makes her town did not seem too crowded.

Like the cosmopolitan city of Berlin can fulfill all the wishes of residents and visitors. Want a classic European history? Want to see a collection of art from antiquity to the Renaissance Bablonia? Want to see the magnificent works of architecture of the 20th century? All are available in Berlin. The town is a place of shooting several Hollywood films like the Bourne Supremacy and The Pianist also held a film festival every year that put him in the film world map.

Tiergaten heart of the city is the park with a variety of garden lights are pretty. In the center there is also a zoo with a polar bear Knut who became beloved citizens of Berlin. Famous icons in Berlin, among others, is Bradenburger Tor is not only filled with tourists take pictures and go on tour, but also became the center of demonstrations and protests. Reichstag, with a combination of classical-style buildings with modern structures made of glass and glass makes me remember the Louvre Museum in France. Queue to this place quite takes almost an hour to go, but it all pays off with views of Berlin from the rooftop lure.

Neo-classical architecture of the buildings which are the remnants of the Prussian era to make Berlin into a typical classical European city, but that sets it apart is the bags that store the dark history of World War 2. These scattered places but they do not even look there, side by side in contrast to the other side of Berlin. Berlin Wall, the Cold War era piece of history still remains a small part that still you can see in some places seemingly former Berlin wall plaque marker. Also the memorial site is Checkpoint Charlie, the former point of the gate between West Berlin who became a symbol of the gateway to freedom.
Berlin dubbed the city a fertile with art for the Museum Island. This area is located at the end of Unter de Linden and is a small island in the middle of the river Spree, and has 5 museums: Old Museum, New Museum, Old National Gallery, Bode Museum and Pergamon Museum. Fifth museum is a collection of art and a remarkable history. UNESCO has established the Museum Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Berlin also has a unique museums like the Museum of Broken Relationships.


Bradenburg Gate, built in the 18th century, by building a statue of Goddess Nike at Pasier Palatz, Berlin, Germany 


Soldiers with the American flag at Checkpoint Charlie


 bode museum

Museum of Broken Relationship

Berlin sights and the Reichstag parliament building

Hasarat to change an advanced modern city of Berlin was evident in various corners. One is the Potsdamer Platz is colorful and memorable with a variety of trendy restaurants, cafes, and theaters and IMAX theater. Around Kurfurstendamm shopping area, which the locals referred to me-Damm, as well as FriedrichstraBe, also a shopping center and seruga local residents.

Berlin was a city that captivated. Serjarah and its role in World War 2 makes my throat tighten, the history of imperial Prussia make amazed, modernization makes Berlin attractive. Impressions of Berlin is like a tapestry, a city that has an interesting combination of history and modernism.And for a few brief moments, I became a citizen of Berlin.

Such a magnetic Berlin city until John F. Kennedy once said in a speech Ich bin ein Berliner known that the All free men, Wherever They may live, are citizens of Berlin. And for a few brief moments, I became a citizen of Berlin.

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