Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Splendid Side of Summer Palace

executive summary by darmansjah

The Qing dynasty emperors knew how to pamper yourself. Saturated with the atmosphere of the Forbidden City is barren, they were hereditary build Yiheyuan, or better known as the Summer Palace, a palace complex with an area of ​​nearly 300 acres complete with artificial lakes and hills, as well as a small village that resembles a water towns around Shanghai. Various luxury pavilion, nearly one kilometer long corridor decorated with more than 10,000 paintings depicting the natural beauty of china, marble a boat with beautiful detailed carvings, as well as a full bridge circuit with each pavilion complement the natural beauty of the park on his day can be enjoyed by  the kingdom’s  family only. Because of its charm, the Qing dynasty government moves to follow the emperor's Summer Palace which used to stay here in April to early September.

Located adjacent to Yiheyuan, Aman at Summer Palace reviving the atmosphere of imperial China is full of luxury. The resort recently opened three years ago was present at each corner of the oriental tradition is not excessive so that you can enjoy the feel of being offered with ease. You can choose settled down in one of 51 available rooms are divided in this type of guestrooms, courtyard guestrooms, suites, deluxe suites, courtyard suites, and the imperial suite. For the last category, in particular, you will receive three separate pavilion appropriate royal tradition. Each room is designed in a modern minimalist equipped with all modern facilities required in accordance with sophisticated standards Aman Resorts.

Besides enjoying the comfort in the room, a series of places to relax also ready to be explored. You can start from the library with a collection of hundreds of books on Chinese history is very interesting. If you want to maintain fitness, sport facilities such as gym center, studio yoga and Pilates, as well as underground pool with minimalist designs are ready for your use. You want to enjoy the latest Hollywood movies show collection of movies by director or China? A special theater is also available and can be used for 24 hours straight. You want to buy memories souvenir  like a warm cashmere blanket or a book about Aman Resorts can buy them at the boutique located adjacent to the library. In the evening, while enjoying a dish of the meal you can enjoy the traditional music instrument Guzheng gentle soothe the soul. The afternoon is also a good time to learn the menorah ink, stringing words forming calligraphy, an art that gets its own place in Chinese culture.

Not complete it if living in mobile this resort without visiting the Summer Palace. Safe parties will be happy you attend to special gate that connects the work of Adrian Zecha property it directly to the nearby Hall of Benevolence and Longevity, one of the main building at the Summer Palace where the emperors settle the affairs of state. A special bag consist map and mineral water are specifically prepared as stock, and if you want an experienced guide can be called upon to accompany the adventure park in the complex of this immense empire. You still have time to spare? Aman at Summer Palace will be happy to help arrange trips to attractions like the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Great Wall and the Temple of Heaven.

Chinese culture does not apart of gastronomic culture and safe at summer palace has three restaurants are ready to pamper the tongue. Kaiseki culinary tradition blends harmoniously with the culinary traditions of fine dining in the French style Naoki, restaurant run by Chef Naoki Okumura. The Grill serves a variety of European food steak and seafood with bleak shades of royal room Sun Meanwhile, The Chinese Restaurant is famous for its Peking Duck provide  some favorite foods of the royal family as well as a variety of Cantonese cuisine traditional.

Start when you enter the lobby and sip a refreshing welcome drink made from the typical Asian spices such as cloves, ginger, orange peel, lemon peel, cinnamon and brown sugar, until when you receive a beautiful decorative paper cuts as gifts when leaving the resort, hospitality Safe at Summer Palace is an experience you must experience.

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