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Meet McLenin's in Red Square

 St basil cathedral around the red field, Moscow, snowcapped

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RED FIELD, MOSCOW, appear white. He snowy winter in mid-January. However, thousands of people from various nationalities come to see the historic sites in the country's former Soviet Union. Original text by Frans Sartono

The song "Wind of Change" from the band Scorpions is like playing in Red Square, Moscow, Russia. Monday (16 / 1) last night. Through the popular song that began in 1991, the Scorpions recorded era of change and openness of Russia in the late 1980s.

Scorpions in the song ballad about said: "The winds of change hit directly to face the time. He was like a storm that will echo the bells of freedom .. "In other parts of" Wind of Change "which is sung vocalist Klaus Meine's noted," The World is closing / In you ever think / That We Could be so close, like brothers .. " Russia, Red Square, has become a place where people from many nations met, familiar like a brother.

The atmosphere is described in the "Wind of Change" that was felt in Red Square. Places around the Red Square in the Cold War era was mysterious and thrilling it is now a tourist spot. Locations around Red Square, such as St. Basil's Cathedral, the Kremlin, and Lenin's Tomb or Mausoleum and Red Square itself become a means to take pictures.

Marshal Zhukov Monument red army commanders in the field of red

Any buildings and statues around Red Square that stores a long history as a country that used to be called the Soviet Union. Kremlin is located on the west side of Red Square is a large fortress built in the 15th century. The Kremlin then become the central symbol of Soviet power.

On the field the stone-floored former Soviet army parade to celebrate Labor Day or October Revolution celebrations. After the winds of change coming, people can watch rock concerts there. Linkin Park Band, Roger Waters, Paul McCartnery, and Scorpions concert ever held. In fact, Shakira
quiver there. In the winter months January like this, part of Red Square became a place of youth skiing. There are non-permanent buildings in the form of ice rink (ice rink). They were busy playing in the cold night right in front of Lenin's Mausoleum.

On the side opposite the Kremlin sparkled magnificent luxury shopping center (and expensive) called GUM, an abbreviation of the Russian language, which means roughly a large shop selling all purposes. Now the famous brands in the world is in department stores throughout the 250 meters was built in the early 1890s it.

Luxury shopping centers such as melting the impression that haunted the Kremlin and Red Square. So haunted and scary first impression of the country, until the country the nickname "Red Bear". The impression was also opposed by the spooky pop culture. There is a picture of Red Bear shirt design reads "I've been to Russia, there are no bears".

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (1870-1924), leader of the revolution the Bolsheviks in 1917 who first impressed "spooky", after the era of openness has become part of pop culture, pop culture shirt. In
souvenir  markets in Moscow, including around the Red Square. At a T-shirt emblazoned beneath Lenin's face logo reminiscent of the logo Mc Donald's, burger shop in comfort-where it is. Under the logo it says McLenin's-notice letter S after the name of Lenin that seemed to mimic the S in McDonal's.

Russian icons modify the country through which a T-Shirt
souvenir and sold around Red Square. In addition to Lenin, the icon is displayed on the shirt, among others, Mikhail Kalashnikov rifles Kalashinikov popular as the AK.

Then Vodka, written in blue with a typology letters are reminiscent of the Nokia mobile phone products. Tag line or slogan of Nokia's trademark twisted become "Vodka Connection People". There is also a bit naughty. Ostentatiously concerned about the environment, there are pictures attached shirt dripping bottle of vodka. Souvenir T-shirts were sold at a price range of 180 rubles, or about $ 6.

Red Square like to invite people laugh-and-reflect on the past history. And kin in Red Square, as it's called the song "Wind of Change" looks, ".. the children of tomorrow share Their dreams .."

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