Saturday, October 1, 2011

Save Travel Guide to China (Beijing - Shanghai - Xian)

executive summary by Darmansjah

Difficulties experienced, especially in gathering information that can help you in planning a trip to the country this bamboo curtain. One example is, that until this article is written, there has been no train ticket booking facility OFFICIAL could accept purchase train tickets online from abroad. In fact, planning a trip abroad is always good to start with planning a route which will be traversed and the duration of how long it takes to move from one city to another. By buying a train ticket (or tickets other means of transportation) are already confirmed his status far in advance, then you can book accommodation in each destination city. Both these are very vital, especially in terms of calculating the budget cost of the trip before making an independent trip. While if you buy a train ticket online from the sites owned by a local travel agent, the selling price could be 50% even 300% more expensive than the ticket price should be.

However, you do not get discouraged. That was a trip abroad does not always run smoothly and according to what we want, this is a fact that must be faced by anyone who claims to love traveling. In another series article, entitled "The Passion of Traveling", the author also wrote some experience 'bad' that he experienced during a trip to various places in the world, that when it happened, makes me think about quitting from activities around the world I had been doing (since the early 1990s, when I was still in her 20s). However, despite many obstacles and unpleasant events that he experienced many times, turned out to this day he never left his hobby this one. And travel independently to China as manifested in this article, is one of the most experience 'exciting' and 'challenge' of a series of trips that have been done in many other places.

If you feel afraid to travel to China because do not understand the language and local dialect, you're not alone. There are many people out there who have the same problem. Including the author himself! And many people turned out nonetheless managed to enjoy the journey to this country can not even speak Chinese though.

If you worry about a variety of criminal acts that allegedly occurred frequently in this panda country, then you need to ask yourself, is there still a place that could be considered safe in this world, especially in the modern era like now? It is important that you constantly alert and read carefully the instructions that have been written in this brief.

So, do not trigger discouraged. Rest assured that your trip independently to mainland China this time will be as much fun as the trips you've done to other countries. And to prepare everything well, then you are not wrong to read the article Guide to China Save this road. There are far more interesting things await you in the land which is now supposedly the most powerful economies in the world, rather than feeling anxious about the things that are not desirable.

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