Thursday, May 26, 2011

Glancing Potential Sire Beach and Forest Pusuk

Glancing potential sire Beach and Forest Pusuk

executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali

Sire beach may be less popular than other attractions in Lombok, like Senggigi beach, the island of Giri Trawangan, Kuta Beach, the village of Sade, and so forth. However, the beaches of Slaparang Airport, Lombak can be reached in about 45 minutes this has an amazing charm.

 Slaparang Airport

sengigi beach lombok

the island of Giri Trawangan

Kuta Beach Lombok

Beach sire is one of the existing tourism mainstay in West Lombok district. White and clean sandy beaches and clear water would welcome any visitors, tempting anyone to relax for a moment, just playing around, or snorkel to enjoy the sights and sensations that exist therein. Not to mention at sunset or at sunrise, you can bet this place has a very interesting scenery.

sire beach

Imagine, sitting on the beach at dusk. Violet twilight vague wring, rub the leaves of trees around fooled windy, and a sound that seems not to be outdone by the sound waves on the shore of a small roll.

The view that no less exciting at night. If you bring a torch or flashlight, white waves approaching the coast moves such as rolls of cloth, to accompany anyone who is on the beach at the time. Meanwhile, on the west coast, the lights of the houses in the distance gives a view of hard to describe in words. Sharping your ears, because it might just be the sound of traditional music being played from the houses, giving the experience truly memorable.

Forest Pusuk

If you've enjoyed Sire Beach and want to go back to Mataram, it could not hurt to briefly stop by the Forest Pusuk.

Uniqueness in the region not only because the winding road shaded on the left and right were encountered diverse trees. More than that, at some point in the edge segment htuan usually as there are a bunch of monkeys awaits mtoor cyclist, public transport passengers, as well as private car yan willing to throw food into the street.

Pusuk Forest is located in the village of Bentek, West Lombok Regency. The area is often used as a haven for those who wanted to go to several locations in the northern part of West Lombok.

Not only shade, but anyone can feed the monkeys that were there. Try it, so the vehicle stopped at the curb, the monkeys that are not far slowly approaching, as if already familiar with human presence.

Shouting and doings of monkeys rolling, running and jumping over food into an attractive landscape. There is also a quiet sitting on a rock in the distance.

No need to worry, as long as food is not attractive because it could yield these monkeys will catch up food from the hands of providers and do not interfere with children's anger monkey karerna will trigger a bigger monkey. Forest Pusuk underwater around too interesting to be enshrined and told to relatives and colleagues.

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