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Spring in Beijing

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by Mawar Kusuma executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali

Peony flowers begin blooming in early spring at the Summer Palace. Chinese Emperor's Summer Palace began tourist invaded. Local residents also fired its beauty while hoping to get a blessing like that enjoyed  longevity of the emperor.

According to legend, the Chinese emperor who was obsessed with wealthy always realize the dream of longevity. Palace "Summer Palace" at the time of Jin Dynasty on the basis of the dream of eternal life in an area of ​​290 hectares. Deliberately built back in Palace of Longevity Hill with views leading to Lake Kunming.

When viewed as a whole from the top, the Summer Palace design resembling a turtle, an animal believed to be a symbol of longevity. pavilion resting on the banks of Lake Kunming likened to a turtle's head, while the bridge is the neck. In the shell turtle, the emperor built a large temple.

Artificial lake of cold water can reduce the heat of summer temperatures in China could reaching 40 degrees Celsius. Summer Palace is only 15 km from Beijing which became the center of imperial administration that can be reached by riding.

Although the palace buildings closed to the general public, tourists can still be photographed and look at the beauty of the building from the edge of the lake. The people who are elderly accustomed to enjoying the warm spring sun in the morning by exercising, playing music,or flying kites on the bridge Summer Palace.

Entrance to the tourist area Summer Palace is quite cheap, 20 yuan per person. One yuan0,16 Usd equivalent. This location is able to pamper visitors with beautiful eyes.Visitors are prohibited from swimming or fishing in the lake. Visitors also should not playing ice skating when the lake water freezes in winter.

Spring is just as it is now the best time to visit the Summer Palace. Total tourists usually would peak in the summer and admission rates would berose to 30 yuan. 

Summer Palace for more than 300 years old. Kunming Lake is a natural charm the beauty of the Summer Palace also plays an important role in Chinese history as the location the birth of the first school of Chinese navy during the Han Dynasty morefight in the river channels.

The Great Wall

Sightseeing in China is very well maintained because it is fully maintained and protected by countries. In addition Palae summer, the building of the past moved at a very well-maintained is the Wall of China is 1.5 hours travel by bus from Beijing. This, Wall of China or the Great Wall just left along the 2,000 kilometers. It is the longest building human ever made, this wall serves withstand attacks from the Mongols.

Compared to Beijing, China Wall temperature at 5 degrees Celsius lower with a difference elevation from sea level to 800 meters. A visit to this location in the spring, visitors also still have to wear thick jackets and headgear because of the wind fast and cold.

Most visitors choose simply to enjoy the beauty of one of the seven wonders of the building this world without walls rise upwards yan height of 8 meters. Stairs to the roof wall quite steep because it was built for the purposes of war, not a tourist. The height of the stairs not the same and often feels very steep because the surface is not flat. Building Wall of China snaking on high hills yand dominated by karst hills.

The wall that stretches from the waterfront at the east end and the deserts in the west end of this last renovated during the reign of the Ming Dynasty. At this location, tourists can also watch the guns of war, the spear, until the picture is wearing Chinese army.

To shop souvenirs at tourist sites and the wall of China Summer Palace, tourists must be good at bargaining. According to local tour guide China, Tan Siang, traders often times using counterfeit money in the deal. If you want to buy souvenirs in the region this tour, travelers should pay the exact fare.

The guide tour of TrevelerGuidance.Blogspot.Com, say, China is a destination a very popular tourist attractions of Indonesia. Over the years, interest in travel to China is increasing, especially on holiday Idul Fitri, New Year and school holidays (June-July). Package tours offered by haraga range from 1.800 U.S. dollars to 2500 U.S. dollars per person.

In the summer tourist visits in June-July, TravelerGuidance.Blogspot.Com with access to the group DwidayaTour be carrying 30 tourists with each group of 15 people with lam visit 10 days to 11 days. Indonesian tourists are usually the most like a visit to the cities large in China, like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong.

Routes offered are usually at the start of the tour historical relics of the building ago in Beijing. Furthermore, tourists can enjoy the atmosphere in metropolitan cities Shanghai, the natural scenery in Guilin, and Shenzhen shopping tour in Hong Kong attack.

"At least twice participated need to be able to enjoy tours throughout China," said TravelerGuidance.Blogspot.Com

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