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Two scintillation Tour Of China

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Problem attractions, China deserves a thumbs up. However, if Great Wall of China ever climb. Tianamen Square had visited, Forbidden City (Forbidden City) had visited. Furthermore, where else? If observed, these attractions are located around Beijing, the capital cities in China that really is not just Beijing. Do not believe, try

look at the Jiuzhaigou area (ciu Kou Tsai) and Zhangijajie (Tsang cia cie). Let alone the names of these attractions are still unfamiliar to you, for the community China, the city is very famous for its natural panorama charming. Now,turn you to linger.

Beautiful Jizhaigou
    Pearl Waterfall in Jizhaigou

Jiuzhaigou is a national park in the area of Sichuan Province, China. This area also Jizhaigou called Vallery Scenic and Historic Interest Area and was recorded in UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The view presented in Jiuzhaigou does make shaking his head. So beautiful and charming and wonderful, as if a piece of heaven fell to earth. How not, Jizhaigou have lakes, waterfalls, forests, mountains snow-covered, and unique tradition of Tibetan thick.


Catch a glimpse Jizhaigou panoramic lake in the Valley. In the middle stretch of hills verdant in the spring and summer, and brownish orange colored on autumn, there is a stunning lake. The water is clear, bluish stained So crystal clear, to the extent that you can see the bottom of the lake. Beautiful landscape paintings  can you meet in the fall in Jiuzhaigou.

Blue lake water combined with grass and trees are brown and blue sky white clouds interspersed really amazing. Besides the lake, Water Pearl Waterfall in Jizhaigou also present nuance that is not less beautiful. In addition to natural attractions, visit the Tibetan community settlement in Jiuzhaigou.

You will be treated to a typical Tibetan art shows an impressive, Tibetian Show. Keep in mind, when visiting this area, you should not use private vehicles. Therefore, this region is an area that should not be exposed pollution. Therefore, provided the facility with battery-powered cars to Jizhaigou browsing.

Inspiration Zhangjiajie

When watching a film by director James Cameron's Avatar, you may be amazed by the unique nature as well as beautiful avatars. Where inspiration? The answer could be a National Park Zhangiajie.

Zhangiajie does have a natural landscape that fascinate. Unlike another hill or mountain-shaped cone and fell on the ground, a number of stone mountain in Zangiajie stand vertically to meet the valley.

Visible texture rugged mountains and hills of rock. There is a small forest at the peak. Meanwhile, in the "body" of the hill, visible tendrils plants and pepononan attached. Gain a foothold in Zhaniajie solah taken to another world else, like being in a world of avatars.

"How to taste the unique beauty of this Zhangajie, namely by climbing Bailong  Elevator (Pai long elevator). Elevator is expressed as the elevator opens world's  highest.

You will enter a tunnel to reach the elevator. The first time was in the elevator was only darkness, as if inside the bowels of the earth "says tour manager on Friday (6 / 5). It was only when the elevator went up and sunlight entering the elevator. you will amazed. From the window glass elevator, you can watch "avatar state".

Zahngiajie. Mountains and hills look like a vertical pillar which as though penetrate going to heaven. When the haze surrounding, a perception emerged.As if there are shades of mystery hidden in Zangiajie. The experience that would  not forgotten!

Beautiful places are just a few locations that offer Http://TravelerGuidance.Blogspot.Com. there are a number of other attractions in China no less charming. However, to visit these beautiful places.You should prepare a fit physical condition to be satisfied and free explore Jizhaigou and Zhangiajie. Getting Travel Congratulations! Nice Trip, Yeah.

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