Saturday, May 7, 2011

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Exclusive to Meetings

In this era of term golbalisasi MICE (Meeting Incentive Conventioan and Exhibition) is not foreign. MICE or meaning meeting incentives, conventions, and exhibitions, or exhibitions in the tourism industry, the tourism activities in large groups, which are usually planned with ripe for a particular purpose.

The withdrawal of Geneva in Switzerland, currently the city of Bogor to be one choice of the location of the event MICE. Several national and international events held in the city of Bogor. For example, Meetings World Islamic Countries, meeting of APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation), the UNFCCC conference
(unitary Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), the visit of U.S. President George W Bush and the Congress of National Culture.

Of the various MICE events, there are many hotels that have a mandate as the location organising event. One is the Hotel Salak The Heritage. Hotel Salak Dutch colonial relic that maintain the physical authenticity of the building.

Renovation of the interior, creating the appearance of modern colonial-style hotel is beautiful and full of historical value. Its location was strategic, only 45 km from Jakarta via toll Jagorawi and stay ahead of the Bogor palace. The entire meeting room, rooms, and public areas are equipped with wireless internet facilities and Wi-Fi.

There is also a Canary Cafe is open 24 hours with a special menu Heritage Oxtail Soup, Binnenhof Restaurant, Rafflesia Longe, Business Center, Fitness Center, and Swimming Pool. In addition, there is a facility with the concept of wellness, such as Herbal Palce & information Center and the Bellevue Wellness
Salon & Spa.

For more information and just past the day-to-day weekend you please browsing in and you can also directly contact Hotel Salak The Heritage on the site, who knew you could lounge for a while there, spent a wonderful weekend with my family of course.

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