Monday, May 23, 2011

World Tourism Harbin

The Pearl at Goose Neck

Executive summary by Darmansjah
The nickname was attached to a city in northern China, which called Harbin. The nickname was pinned because the city is located in the province Heliongjiang, whose shape resembles a goose. Harbin itself is like a pearl that flaunt their beauty in the world, mostly in winter.

 the province Heliongjiang

Winter is a period of Harbin shine. He is known as the city of ice because the long winter. The climate is influenced by the winter winds from Siberia, with an average temperature of -16.8 C in winter. lowest temperature recorded at the point-38C

In this winter, always held an international festival of snow sculptures da nes. The artists from around the world come and show off ice sculpting skill.

Sun Island Park is one place that becomes obligatory visit, since this is where the beauty of the world's museum featuring an ice sculpture in the room. There is also Harbin ECe and Snow World, which is an outdoor festival featuring ice sculpture in the form of a giant, like the Great Wall of China.

While Zhaolin Park is a park that has a variety of ice sculptures ice sculptures that use large volumes of water from natural water sources in the Songhua river.

Zhaolin Park

There are many other places other beautiful skyline. Retracing to commemorating the history and culture of Harbin own society is not less interesting. Especially considering Harbin heavily influenced by Russia, which borders directly with it.

Harbin is also used as the headquarters of Russian engineers and workers who create the Trans Siberian railway. From a small village, Harbin modern development began in 1898, with commencement of construction of the East China Railway (KVZHD) by Russia and an expansion of the Trans Siberian railway.

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Since the air in Harbin extreme cold to you common tropical life, so be prepared with a thick coat or shirt retaining the cold sting of blowing snow is so romantic, walking and reaching for the hand protected by a veil of atmosphere through the hands of white snow and cold pierced by the snow that stretched to add memory of sensation in the silence of snow walking everywhere. [hdg]

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