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Ningxia Going Rapid

Ningxia Going Rapid

Narration by E. Dyah Messwati, executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali

Bare trees along the road from the capital city of Ningxia Province, Yinchuan, heading for whom Wuzhong, a distance of 100 kilometers from Yinchuan.

Scenery around just a dry dusty soil. Occasionally seen are mostly dried herbs, very rarely green.

Suddenly the car that we were riding left the paved highway and a dusty dirt road into a narrow size. Once along the road village, we arrived at the new Muslim village in Wuzhong. We then headed bulk walking Jiang Ting Guo (71 years) elders in the village. Together with his grandson who still belita, he invited us to lunch at his home.

Presented ma-hua, which is a mixture of milk, eggs, flour, and fried gual. Also various vegetables and side dishes. Tea is served also contains eight possessions, represented dates, tea, sugar, guogi, lychee, sesame, sanzha, and apples are sliced ??thin. All mixed in a cup of tea.

Near the house Guo Ting Jiang, dozens of students wearing the headscarf daughters shoulder to shoulder lift bullion bricks for the construction of their boarding school in the village. In the corners of China, do not be surprised if you see the women work hard lifting stone or brick.

Prior to the new Muslim village, on Friday (22 / 4) at 13:30, a number of friends who Moslem could join Friday prayers at the Mosque in Yinchuan Xi Huan. In the Mosque This is somewhat large, Muslim friends from Indonesia warmly welcomed.

This is a small picture of the Muslim community in the land of China. In the province Ningxia, located in the west, as well as in the Xin Jiang province, we find a lot of Chinese Muslim community. History of Islam in China has since 1,300 years ago.

Autonomous Region

Ningxia is a region that was given special autonomy by the Government of China on 1958. In 2009, Ningxia autonomous region revenues by 20 billion yuan, while spending 40 billion yuan.

China's central government gives subsidies to us, said deputy head of department lighting autonomous regions Nigxia Ahang Kehong. Of the 6.25 million population of Ningxia, 2.25 million of whom are ethnic Hui Muslim. Another resident ne ethnic Han and other ethnic minorities such as Manchuria, Korea, Mongolia, and Uygur. Five religions living in this province, namely Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Catholicism, and Taoism.

Because many Muslims in this province, the Ningxia until now there has been 3760 mosques, by 8000 imam. Year 2010, as many as 2,500 people from Ningxia Province this pilgrimage.

During 1985-1989, we built the Islamic Institute and has graduated 2,000 people. said the deputy head of the ethnic affairs commission of Ningxia autonomous region, the Rai Sheng.

Originally, Ningxia is far behind compared to the provincial and the cities of the east coast of China, developed the president at that time. Xiao premises Ping, a pilot city in China's eastern coast. However, in 10 years last, fairly rapid development of Ningxia. For a provincial capital, roads in the city of Yinchuan somewhat larger than the streets in Jakarta that the more crowded and traffic jams everywhere.

Deputy head of development and reform commission Ningxia autonomous region, Guo Bingchen, states in the west China development policy is strategic government after the construction of  the east region china. Domestic gross product (GDP) Ningxia in 10 years already belipat. In 1999, GDP of 3.6 billion U.S. dollars, and in 2009 doubled to 20.5 billion U.S. dollars. Foreign investment apda 1999 only 1.98 billion U.S. dollars, but in 2009 be 16.9 billion U.S. dollars. Rose seven-fold. Bingchen Guo said.

Desert Soil

If you choose air transportation, when about to land at airport Yinchuan and looked out the plane window, you will be treated to views of the arid desert lands and large holes. That middle ground is crunching build Ningxia coal industry and chemistry. A genuine friend of China, Zhu Funing, said, this land in Ningxia was dug, we must find coal.

Zhang Kehong states in the Ningxia coal production in 2010 reach 66 also ton obtained from 13 coal production bases. However, until now China still continue to import coal from Indonesia brick. Of course, the reason is the population of China is very much so automatic coal demand too big.

In Ningdong which is 40 km from Yinchuan and 30 km from the Yellow River, many energy industries be established by wind power or coal power.

Nindong also a supplier of electricity to all parts of China. Base Ningdong into energy and chemical industry base fee that is important in China. From a place of exploration can be produced 18 million tons of coal.

Their targets in 2009, total investment could reach 500 billion yuan. Field jobs available to 2020 estimated 100,000 people.

Not only the energy and chemical industry developed Ningxia. Food Industry idolatry is growing, both for the consumption of Chinese Muslim community or exported. There are companies that produce nuts and vegetables, halal, there are Also producing meat chickens, goats, and cattle. They also exporting kosher food to Hong Kong and Dubai.

Ningxia who had left, the last 10 years is moving rapidly. In fact, like dislikes, physical appearance towns in the province looks a lot better compared to cities in Indonesia.

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