Saturday, May 14, 2011

Welcome to Dubai

Welcome to Dubai…by Heny

Executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali

I’ve been asked few times to describe the experiences of travelling around, to share the experiences i’ve got - It’s like this…

It was such a wonderful part of the year to have fabulous vacation trips, the time i waited for.

Bought a bunch of guidebooks, searched on net, made my wonderful plans, my to do list…

Learnt some handy phrases in local languages (Of the countries i was going to).

It was all very exciting.

The day finally arrived, i already packed my stuffs and off i went.

15th of January 2011, i was in Rome airport Italy, Leonardo Da Vinci airport, several hours later, the plane landed.

The stewardess came in and said: ” Welcome to Dubai”.

Yesss..I arrived in Dubai…

To make a long story short, i stayed in Dubai for 5 days, i went at the top of Burj Khalifah at night ( The tallest tower in the world), spent a couple of nights in Dubai mall ( The biggest mall in the world) by going to The Aquarium center and Underwater Zoo. I went for the dessert safari, which was unforgetable experience, it was amazing, explored the dessert with the 4*4, played the sand-ski, experienced camel riding, enjoyed the performances of Arabian dancing,  had a dinner in the mid of the dessert etc. I also went exploring the city, took a city tour provided by the hotel, went to the artificial islands. It was all wonderful and fabulous

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