Sunday, May 1, 2011

Current Holiday

executive summary by darmansjah godjali

Of course, leisure opportunities have been embedded in the minds of prospective adventurer for stepped into the realm that has been targeted in advance during busy making money, and the family also had to wait this time, at the end of the year are both enjoying the togetherness that is so valuable in the enjoyment of travel, whether it passes the air, penetrated cultural sites, tasting the dish in a particular location in a State, climbing mountains that specialized in providing for our family and climbing, or browse the artifacts of cultural heritage of a particular nation, or even across the blue and nodes ocean, and inhabit an uninhabited island in a short
time frame.

However, that should be in priority need and if we and family want to enjoy all the "adventure planning" which has been budgeted so many dollars or dollars are not wasted by the slowness we anticipate the case of Visa.

No problem if you just want to wander around Asean countries. Live message or booking travel tickets via travel agents, business is finished. But what if you want to slide into another place?

Europe, China, Japan, Korea, America, and Australia including the favorite tourist destinations are always pursued. The problem is, it takes more time and careful planning to be reached for her, regarding the visa process. Different countries, different ways.

Duty Manager of a travel agency in Jakarta warned, every State had the visa processing period are different. "Go to Europe during the high season, 2-3 months earlier had had a list. Because the visa process can be more than a month. If too close, for example, leaving only 1.5 months time, when there is lack of documents, can fail to leave, "he explained.

Travel to Asia is not as complicated as that, though still need a period of time, especially if you want to go as high season to get their seats. Relative visa more quickly, the important thing is the completeness of the document.

Completeness of the document is one of the determinants of long-advisability of obtaining a visa. If you use the services of travel agents, this usually has been informed in detail.

To help smooth all in enjoying the holidays end of this year 2010, should begin to set a healthy life, a balance between regular exercise and healthy eating, and sleeping comfort, and keep your mood to constantly interact with mirth in the daily routine activity, which is our obligation to live it. Do not forget, good financial management also participated in launch readiness we enjoy what we have planned to vacation in a vacation this  Idul Fitri 2011 holiday. 

Enjoy the time off  idul fitri holiday in this year, and adventuring, opening the eyes of the heart and mind. Happy adventuring!

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