Thursday, May 5, 2011

No Need Rich To Around The World

Narration by Elok Dyah Messwati Executive Summary by Darmansjah

He was only 35 years, but Anton Krotov has been exploring an 50-country for 20 years. On each trip, he was rarely out of money. His lunch was the spirit, confidence, friendliness, and willingness to learn other cultures, so far he goes globe trot. In principle, no need to wait for rich to travel around the world.

The man from Moscow, Russia is, first visited Indonesia in February-May 2008. At that time he explored the Sumatran, Java, South Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, and into Sarawak, Malaysia, for extension of visa, came back to West Kalimantan, Jakarta along Java, Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, Papua, Sulawesi.

"I almost never spend money for transportation around Indonesia. We really could go anywhere for free because there will be many helpers on the way. I always respect the local customs," says Anton Krotov. Now he is in the Papua New Guinea and will return to Indonesia in May 2011.

How do I? Anton recalled, he was around Indonesia to ride trains, buses. For inter-island, he boarded the cargo ship or Pelni. Ride transport (hitch hike) is the usual backpacker like to save expenses.

Anton Krotov not want to keep secret tips that cross them. He also wrote his experiences into a book which contains about 36 trips to Malaysia, Indonesia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zambia, Angola, China, India, Mongolia, Iran and other countries. He also shared through the open class in the 22 countries which he named as the Academy of Free Travels on the site


Transport and accommodation are the two elements of the rather drain the budget backpacker / traveler. however, it did not dampen the constraints traveler steps Margaertha Nancy (31 years). He also has a way of frugality.

In 2009, Nancy has explored Europe for three months at a cost of only Rp.9 jtua. Compare to a cost of two-week European tour package of 2,500 usd or equivalent to Rp 22.5 million to Rp 27 million.

Most of the money used Nancy for airline tickets from Jakarta to Frankfurt, Germany. "I can survive in Europe only to 40 euros, or about 500,000 per month, it needs only to buy small," said Nancy.

For intercity transport and between countries. Nancy chose her hike along Travel Mate hitch a German, Bruno Mescheder. The way he traveled is a free car ride. "In the Benelux countries (Belgium-Netherlands-Luxemburg) there is even a special stop to hitchhike," said Nancy.

For accommodation, Nancy nonprofit community relies Couch Surfing / CS and the H C is a community whose members are backpacker / traveler who opened their homes to free stand by fellow members from around the world. Today, CS has 2.6 million members of the walker of 246 countries and spread over 79,765 cities. The foundation of these communities is a sense of trust it enjoys among members.

How many

Explore the world of dreams shared by students majoring in film broad casint Academy of Communication of Indonesia (Akindo), Yogyakarta, Andrei Budiman. He tried hard to get a scholarship for one semester film workshop in Lyon, France. All he can only free workshops and accommodation costs during the Lyon-consumption.

Andrei also buy a plane ticket to go home from Jakarta-Frankfurt with savings valued at Rp 6 million. Arriving there, which left only 10 dollars. Thanks to the help of friends, she could work while on a printing press in Utrecht, the Netherlands. "Eleven days to Rp 8 million. That to the cost of living," said Andrei.

Hartono Rakiman another story. He precisely around the world while collecting U.S. dollars with working on cruise ships.

For those who have a dream around the world, there are many ways to make it happen.

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